Blessings priest

I live with my catholic parents and i fear that one of these days the priest may come to “bless the house” … and that he may bless my room where i am preparing the altar for the Duchess Bune.
I hope my parents don’t let him into my room, i hope to be there … but i’m getting ready for the worst!
I don’t want Duchess Bune to feel offended by the priest. I’m worried. Could you give me advice on what to do?
Thank you so much!

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Bune won’t feel offended. Bune won’t leave the house while melting into a puddle and your altar won’t burst into flames.
a person who walks in and out of churches and receives blessings on a regular basis


No problems.I think even banishings cant really stop a demon from entering.A blessing wont do anything.


I fully agree with @A_Pariah.

I think it also comes down to who’s will is stronger. A priest who’s just doing his job, or someone who wants to protect their altar with all their heart? I don’t think you have to fear much.

But if you want to actively do something to feel more safe, you can simply work on the protection of your room. There are many ways to do it.

One of the “simpler” ones:
Go stand in one corner of your room, draw a pentacle in the air, then “throw” it along the wall into the next corner. Go to that corner and do the same until all your walls are protected by the pentacles. You can include the elements to help protect the room, or whatever entities you think are willing to help you.


Bune is also able to discern if you called the priest to get rid of her or if that dude shows up because of some cultural religious background and is only doing something that will keep your family from harm in his own eyes. She won’t have any problems with the latter. Spirits usually won’t categorize people as much as we tend to do it. If you feel that your altar will raise questions or problems you could hide it in the meantime (I have to “James Bond” my altar room into something mundane once in a while because it is just too straining to explain it over and over and over again to strangers) or dress it up as some kind of catholic praying spot.

And what @Helena says.


Thank you so much for the reassurances and advice!

Fortunately for me, the new priest visits the houses by appointment. This puts me more serenity.
Since she appeared to me in a dream, i already feel her as part of my life. That brunette girl with African braids who kisses me gently and reassures me. After that dream (i thought i was awake) i came into contact with a medium that sells oils, herbs, incense, candles and other material devoted to the demon for deeper contact with the entity, in my case Bune.
I’m a beginner and i’m afraid to offend you.
For example, could i place seals of other demons on the same table, used as an altar? I have a table where i would also like to create an altar for Buer and Gremory. Do you think i can do it without offending Bune?

Thanks again for the tips and shares :slight_smile:

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I’m in a similar situation only my current altar is a 1 foot space on my dresser. Our cleaning lady is a highly religious hispanic woman who cleans the house every couple of weeks. When she does my room I notice she puts the sheets on my bed inside out and there is a feeling of disruption or rather a conflict of energy. She leaves the window shades flung completely open and I can easily detect that she has done something beyond cleaning and I correct this energy by filling the room with as much insence and demonic energy as I can using enns and sigils. After a night, it’s back to it’s former shadowy feeling self.

I hope my experience helps you.


There is no conflict between light and dark, if you believe in dualism. Let yourself free from all those religious limiting beliefs.

Angels, demons, gods they all serve a purpose that they were created for.

So, Bune will not be offended, worry not at all!

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Thanks to your intervention, which brings to my memory two books that I am re-reading in this period: the stories of Yoga Vasistha and Ashtavakra Samhita. I love books on the non-dualist philosophy of advaita vedanta.

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In some cases God allows demonic work , so you can try praying to him for permission and then you won’t have a problem with priests

she wouldnt care, considering you have nothing to do with it and its out of your control, the worst that can happen is your altar or magick space will be taken away by your parents at the advice of the priest maybe, but you can always recover your magick space

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I do not recognize any authority to the abrahamic monster, to this idolatrous and anthropomorphic construction. The Hindu Brahman Nirguna is different, the God “coincidentia oppositorum” of the mystical Rhenish, the all-pervading Supreme Non-Dual Reality that is beyond our senses … to which, however, we are not called to request permits and therefore pray for this purpose .

Slow it down bro lmfao I was just trying to make a helpful suggestion

You can always reverse it with a satanic mass and a Phoenix mass. As well charging luciferian water and sprinkle it in all the corners

Chao ab Ordo


I doubt that will be very effective , if the man who does it is a trained priest , what be does will carry some amount of power

Let me note, with amazement, that in a site like the one that hosts us, an invitation is addressed to God (which i assume is the biblical lord of armies, little loved by these areas) seems, to say the least, out of place. Obviously, nothing personal; but maybe something escapes me…

I hope my english is understandable.

I’m also quite taken aback as well. I knew we had some right hand pathers on board but this guy sounds like a jehovas witness, unreal. I would take Ravs advice for combating the priests. Also, priests hold little to no power over anything. They can’t even control their own dogma or preference for young boys.

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I keep you updated. In the end, no priest came and my parents accepted the altar. It seems that the Duchess has chosen it … the table cover is golden yellow, the table mat golden yellow, the lamp … gold lacquered, in the background … paintings in golden frames … the orange lighter. In addition to dreams, the Duchess manifested herself through two orange cats that were caressed, the last of which I met on the day I had decided that I would contact the Duchess to consecrate myself to her and ask her if she accepted my requests … and so it was! Thanks Duchess Bune and to all of you for sharing!