Blessings and Wishes needed

Please forgive me for posting this out of context in this forum but I have strong conviction that I shall get blessings, wishes or help in this extended family only.

My father is to be operated for brain tumor tomorrow i.e. 27/11/2018 at 10 a.m. Indian standard time. Surgery is quite risky and complicated. Need blessings and help for the same. Got him admitted in the hospital yesterday only and I also stayed here last night and also had some strange experience. In the night I suddenly got up and something was caressing my heart. I actually felt two hands cupping my heart and my heart was tickling like anything. Dont know what does it mean.



Many thanks for the kindness

Good luck. Sending healing energy for you to use as you will.

With the heart energy, it could be good? It doesn’t sound malicious.
But, it’s a hospital, the psychic hygiene of those places is usually poor - hopefully it’s better in India than it is here in the US/UK, where few are around to help psychopomp for the spirits of the newly dead or mitigate the negative energies given off by the sick and dying.

Cleanse yourself and your family before and after you go, if you use any shielding or protective prayers or techniques double down on them.

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May lucifer and marbas be present and bless your father

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