Blessing or Curse?

My whole life I have been labeled as too emotional and too sensitive. I honestly can’t help being like this, this is just how I am. I have also figured out with time( I’m 20) that the more I fight it the more it intensifies. I’m a guy as well so being this emotional really doesn’t look right. More like and maybe I’m wrong, but usually people will think that women are emotional and men are less emotional. Assessing my self I would say I have more feminine energy than masculine. I can also feel the vibes of people and places almost instantly. Many time I’ll meet a new person and I can figure him or her out relatively easily. This causes me to become like my environment and whatever mood that place or person is, I more times than not end up feeling like that too. All this stimuli and information gets in the way of my daily encounters with people. Not that I’m awkward, but there’s too much going on in my head. Many times I wishe that I didn’t feel anything at all so I can make the proper choices, but then again that wouldn’t make me human. When I’m happy I’m out of this world and when I’m sad I’m in a very depressive state. Im either black or white and can’t find that grey area. Would you say that being emotional is an advantage or disadvantage? I know I can’t be the only one that feels the way I do on this forum. If anyone feels the same way how do you guys deal with it. Thanks

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Watch devilman crybaby

I swear I was literally watching that anime yesterday. It’s a really good one.

Yeah same haha, anyway the main character Akira is bullied for being emotional as a man but he cries for the sake of others. I think empathy is a good quality