Blatantly Evil Shit and consequences

Im curious about the experiences of those who have blatantly used relatively innocent people as target practice for baneful magick and psychic attacks. I know the left hand path philosophy throws the traditional understanding of karma out the window, but in practice, are there ever serious repercussions for victimizing other for the sake of target practice?

Disclaimer: i in no way shape or form have any desire to do this, but i am fascinated by those who are capable of such acts and just want to hear what your experiences are related to this.


Why would anyone waste energy on cursing someone innocent that did nothing to them?

Personally, no. Every time I did evil shit, it was justified and the target was far from innocent. I got no regrets.

I guess very few could be considered “innocents”… perhaps babies, toddlers, animals.

Would there be any negative karma or energetic backlash? Idk… you could try and find out, I guess :woman_shrugging:


There’s no direct issue. However, like attracts like. If someone is that kind of person, it’s in their energy and they will resonate and attract darkness to them whether they perform any curses or not.

At this point the old adage “know thyself” becomes important. The why and wherefore of having this energy could be something that will bring more skill and ability from the knowing. E.g., if it’s something instilled by a parasite, then it’s not even the mages will, and he’s a puppet feeding a negative entity. Not a good way to be a powerful mage, really.


“Fuck around and find out”, I would think. Only because someone hasn’t earned their way into the testing field it doesn’t mean that they are not protected or not able to send it directly back. Something that is rarely talked about in that context: unsuspecting targets might have someone in their environment who does notice what is going on around them and who is able to answer to your “practice” accordingly.

From a psychological point of view I would also deem an innocent target as the more dangerous source of backlash, simply for the reason that their higher self might (if the target isn’t directly in the know about things like curses, etc) not take lightly to unprovoked attacks and they might come after you really hard in return. Pick your fights wisely. I wouldn’t risk such a situation just for the fun of it.


If you go around punching random people, eventually someone is going to punch you back. Or shoot you.

Some people like to use the LHP as an excuse to be assholes but contrary to the rantings of the psychopaths among us, there are actually consequences for everything we do, whether the actions are magical or mundane. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As someone who was punished spiritually for my physical actions in a past life, I know for a fact that if you go around being a dick for no valid reason, something will eventually notice and may just decide to give you a well deserved spanking.


People are the best test subjects for fun and profit. Long as you know what you are doing and use valid techniques and not just wishy washy spells and supposed ‘magick’ like so many copy out of books. Best applied to those that give some benefit from being experimented on, like annoying coworkers as their absence can bring peace of mind and it is easy to observe them.


As Darkest said, “other than pyschopaths” it’s not that great probably. Where you spend your time being in your mind has a lot of effect on someone to. Someone just being hateful and baneful easily is likely not keeping their mind in a good state or letting small slights pull the energy of doing work from them. Of course there are probably those psychopaths who are successful because of it-the whole stereotype of CEOs being around there. People cursing around willy nilly probably wont have many friends or allies either I would guess. I am not really experienced enough to say.


There aren’t many universal agreements over whether you should or shouldn’t do this.

You may want to consider a couple of things before choosing this approach to honing your skills and practicing the use of certain abilities.

Is it legally permissible to practice that way, let’s say were you to get at someone who’d want to report your attacks to local and other law enforcement authorities? Would it be worth that legal trouble just to practice on other people…?

Second, do you want the chance for them to retaliate, either by knowingly catching you in the act and returning fire so to speak (metaphorically speaking as a magick reference and not with any regards to physical violence as the subject of this comment), or by simply attacking you physically once they had the opportunity?

Finally, they might have protections in place that would tear you to pieces even though you’re only trying to spar with someone. So I think we’re better off in choosing victims carefully, potentially telling each other what’s going down and having a safe word or something… Or just leaving each other the heck alone with magickal predator stuff.

However, yeah you could certainly do whatever the hell you wanted to do and no morals would truly be applicable from the left hand path’s point of view.


A little bit of power is enough to turn a few heads around. The weak minded ones lol

Some people get “curse happy” and think that’ll solve all of their anger, frustrations, disappointments etc, when it’s actually just a waste of energy for petty/childish reasons.

True malediction sorcery must be dealt with seriousness and respect.


Thank you all for your insights. I am truly grateful to have a safe place where i can freely and openly inquire into topics such as this. I appreciate everyone here so much


Those innocent people can be love ones of black magicians and if they are more powerful than you, they will destroy you, so the idea that you on the LHP can do whatever you want is a delusion. Of course the most powerful black magician now can get away with his evil but as history shows even he can fall from power because no human being is perfect and tyrants throughout history have made small mistakes that lead to their downfall.


They probably will be accountable for it in the afterlife, they are their own judge, and once they die and the spirit is cleansed from all the bullshit that made them think cursing people without a reasonable motive was right, they will eventually want to make amends in another reincarnation.

I have heard this in a lot of NDE (Near Death Experiences), you become the person you hurt, and experience the bad deeds you have done from their perspective…And unless it was a VERY good reason for cursing that person, and eventually that made them somewhat grow (considering that we come here to give and receive love, and cursing is against that completely).

The soul, striped from the current human ego will just say “What the fuck what this guy doing”.

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I wouldn’t do it. Cursing blatantly is dangerous and it isn’t a joke. I don’t necessarily believe in karmic backlash, but things tend to come around.


Ah… Hogwash. I’ve given up on people’s morality. Curse someone and learn to defend when it strike back if you worried that you’re unable to curse haphazardly and still get away with that type of thing, but just pick your own fight.

You pick who your curses hurt.


In reality, even if you are retaliating for something being done to you, if the target realizes, most probably they won’t just accept it as something fair…


I would say yes there are consequences. The world is full of spirits who are aware of our actions. Using bane Magicka on people who you seem to be a threat is one thing. I don’t think too many will fault you for it if they understand the situation. But attacking random people is another. That will certainly anger someone you’d rather not anger. Otherwise, you might as well walk into a crowd, and practice kung fu moves on people and see what happens. You’ll get arrested and charged for assault. Imagine what the spirits would do.


Koetting did with his buddies, just to try and see if it would work. They asked a nasty spirit to kill a random completely innocent girl at some food place. Her aura got blacker and blacker, but one of them suddenly grew a conscience and pulled the spirit back. The girl almost died though.


I’d say it’s very stupid and childish to curse innocent people only to test one’s new little magic tricks. Nah.


Well, it can be a little bit hard believing a few of his stories lol. Even if that happened, I wouldn’t say it was fair or necessary.

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Just to be clear, I think it is just horrible to curse innocents for experimentation. If I even suspect I have had a wandering thought touching someone else during cursing, I always send them healing.