One of the various definitions of “Blasphemy” is such…

blas·phe·my (blăs′fə-mē)
n. pl. blas·phe·mies
a. Contemptuous or profane speech or action concerning God or a sacred entity.
b. An instance of this.
a. Irreverent or impious action or expression in regard to something considered inviolable or sacrosanct.
b. An instance of this.

Many of us on the path of the left hand, find ourselves either committing such acts on purpose for our path and the gnosis and personal dialetic that is attained from such, or at the very least the struggles of even contemplating such things (especially if you come from some sort of dogmatic background).

What are your methods of such and what has this done for you?

I have my own version of such, however I would like to hear some of yours a bit, and then I would like to share my own experiences (on going).

Thank you

Having sex in the sacred (sanctuary) but forbidden [for women] to enter, area of a church (abaton).

It removed remaining inhibitions of Christian indoctrination. I felt purified and my soul released from heavy bondage.