Black wolf?

Big black wolf showing up in my dreams? Who is it?

Fenrir. Naberius. Anubis. One of 100’s of dudes I don’t know about. Idk.

What’s the context of the dreams? Is the wolf aggressive or calm? What’s the surrounding environment like? What does it make you feel?

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lord marchosias is known well known for that depending on the nature of the dream anubis isnt a wolf idk abouth the other two also i read that azazel is known to have wolves around him and shift to one to but its not likly him since he doesnt show up as just that…

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Animal spirits often appear before ourselves as a way to pass on their wisdom to us
you’ should try to search for some shamanic books and animal allies.

Wolf’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Facing the end of one’s cycle with dignity and courage
  • Death and rebirth
  • Spirit teaching
  • Guidance in dreams and meditations
  • Instinct linked with intelligence
  • Social and familial values
  • Outwitting enemies
  • Ability to pass unseen
  • Steadfastness
  • Skill in protection of self and family
  • Taking advantage of change

this was taken from the site

you can search in youtube some shamanic drums with callback
they are made to get into trance and contact your animal spirit guides, directly
if you want to try this
you have to go for the half an hour drums track and relax, eyes closed imagine yourself getting up and out of that place till you get to a wild natural environment near you, a park a hill, a forest etc…
then you have to find some access to the lower realm (a hole in the ground or something like that will do fine), after you get to that lower realm, you have to recognize your surroundings and get back to were you are, and get out of the trance, the first two trips are only of recognition (I recommend using the half our tracks unless nature is too far away from your place) the third time, an animal spirit should appear, if the wolf is contacting you, he might appear before you to talk to you directly (animal spirits can talk to us but their references are different from human references, they probably will give you examples of nature to get themselves understood).

the animal spirit may be contacting you to teach you some of their wisdom you need at this time, or he can be non temporal ally of power, either way you can know why he is contacting you through this method

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