Black urns

Okay i was reading in the Black magic of Ahriman about a perticular product needed a large black urn so i check
Website for black urns and the only places i found ebay is one the other one i hope this will help resonable in price

Black urns for ashes - Stardust -

Ive picked out a black Andromeda urn it comes with free shipping.

here is a site ive been checkin out, they have a pretty wide selection

This is the one I bought and use.

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Thank-you Dinmiatus I’ve had a look at the urns for large black urns that is what was seid in the black magic of Ahriman so i checked irongate for large urns i have found the one i do like Large bronze garden urn 27"L x 22"W x 32"H product code: A 1471 $3,335.00 Product description: Beautiful bronze garden urn with spiralling details around the bowl and handles on either side, what an esquiside piece but they are rather expensive piece.

I would like to thank-you to I’ve just had a look and found the urn i like a black charcoal urn 16 x 26 inch with spiralling $99.99 looks an esquisid piece thank-you


Guys a simple garden planter can be usedif cash is tight. #Walmart


What type of planter I have a polyrasin Greek urn would I have to line it with stone for evocative purposes or will the soil keep the fire at bay

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Sorry the photo is sideways

Once it is filled with the dirt and other elements you can use a container to hold it. i have an old soap stone mortar i use for burning incense with open flames or charcoal works great. tried it with the ethanol gel to see if it could handle the temps, no issues. you could also use a metal coffee can, if i remember right, one of the videos kurtis posted of his alter he mentioned this.

anything that can hold the temp and take the heat should work fine.

my urn is the same polyresin blend but different shape, enough room to center the vessel for the container for the fire.

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Thanks that cleared major pitfalls for me I just got an ounce of dragon blood and doing my first div evocation now I don’t have to worry about my temple burning down what a relief

No problem. I havent begun evocation yet, working on my first talisman which has been makin it hard to get in meditative trance without slight cases of vertigo hittin me.

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The soil serves to keep the fire controlled. Yes that will work perfectly for the altar of Blackened Fire. :wink:

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