Black sun

I’ve been doing more work with absorbing the rays of the black sun. Lately, Lucifer, one of the two who suggested the idea of absorbing the black sun, has also suggested invoking him as preliminary work for the absorbtion. I’ve also seen a large, dancing scorpion in my vision when I’ve absorbed the rays. It’s also getting more intense as I do it and the intensity of the “burn” affect increases, except it’s no longer in just the perinium it’s now in between my solar plexus and root chakras (stomach essentially)

So my questions are, is the black sun related to scorpions(and possibly worms?)? And is the burning supposed to increase? Thank you for your time.


I’ve been seeing a lot of black worms whenever Azazel is around.

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Worms: regeneration, transforming, need for mystery, rebirth, devouring of old, resilience, healing, spiritual groundskeeper, dirty work.