Black sun

Did it again. Each time I do it I always feel more stronger. I decided to also touch up on vampirism too. Today I shot it into the third eye and crown. When I did so, the energy shot down my spine and through the chakras permeating my energy body. It felt great. They’re beginning to darken too.

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This is is part of why i reccomend looking into the path of smoke. With this current you dont actively open/charge any chakra you merge all of them.

Been practicing the black sun lately. Figured to share/ask about them in this thread.

It feels… almost euphoric to think of the black sun. Sometimes I randomly start thinking/getting images of the black sun getting closer and closer, as if wanting to swallow me, and it often happens during the day that I start thinking about it, and have to change to the normal sun… which comes hard, because it has this euphoric feel-good pull.

I’m thinking that I should try having the black sun on 24/7, not just during the night, and letting it “swallow” me, and be in the center of it.

Anyone else had this experience?

I just started to do the daily meditations of the black sun.

On the first day that I started it, the lights on my dashboard in my car went almost completely black and have stayed that way. Hopefully it’s only a fuse and no major electrical work needs to be done.

Then I woke up the next day with the song Time by Hootie and the Blowfish running thru my head, especially the parts of, "Time, why you punish me? and “Cause tomorrow’s just another day,
and I don’t believe in time.”(This is pretty much exactly how I feel after doing years of alchemy, magick, kundalini rising etc,.)

Then after my normal morning meditations that same day, I went to go check my phone for messages and did a double take, because the current time on my phone was switched from 11AM to 11PM and it was still the morning!

I then checked my computer and I couldn’t get the internet to work and the time on my computer was reversed as well.

I then thought about what would happen to all the people that were traveling by airplanes and such and how it would mess up all sorts of things in the world if time all of a sudden could no longer by “tracked” as it were.

This would also destroy many peoples concepts of it, if they couldn’t measure how much time has passed.

They would have no reference point, but in the long run would help people get out of the trance they are in concerning it.

No more birthdays, death days, minutes, hours, no more years to keep track of their “age.”

I then realized that I forgot to set the black sun! I then did so in my mind’s eye and things quickly went back to normal: I could connect to the internet again, the clocks on my phone and computer went back to “normal”

The third day I woke from sleep at “night” and felt a strange feeling like I was being watched and I saw in my mind’s eye superimposed over my bedroom 2 aliens(greys I think) dancing in the middle of my room looking at me doing something weird with their mouths sticking out their tongues and wiggling them around playfully at me.

The only other time I’ve felt a connection to aliens like this or being watched by them is when I go for long periods of time w/o ejaculating and saving up my sexual energy.

“Tonight” as I have placed the black sun overhead, I feel a pull in my throat and belly chakras and an uncomfortable feeling that’s made me feel a little sick at first, but I think that it’s working threw the blocks there at this point and even as I write this, it’s feeling better.

I also lost track of the day and thought it was payday for me, so I went shopping and when I went to go pay for everything I was genuinely surprised when I didn’t have enough funds and then realized that I don’t get paid till “tomorrow” cuz, “today” isn’t payday.

I have never done this before and it was a big fear of mine in the past and not only did it not bother me, but the woman who helped me with this, I had history with in the “past” and I didn’t even feel embarrassed around her like I used to fear if I saw her again.

Sadly, my dashboard in my car hasn’t gone back to normal :frowning:

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