Black Sun meditation

I saw EA’s Video on the black sun meditation and want to try it out. I am curious if any body else has done this, if so for how long, and what were the results. Also I was thinking of adding to the visualization the form of a guide that I work closely with. thoughts?

I’ve had tremendous success with the Black Sun meditation. It brings a lot of strange energies into your life, mainly centered around the destruction of personal fetters, or at the very least revealing them for what they are.

I wouldn’t add in your guide, at least not yet. Do the meditation for a few days and see what happens.

Also, meditate on the inside of your root chakra until you have a kundalini experience. And don’t try to drill a hole in your head to let it out.

I ve done it a couple of times and the results at first was nothing special although my senses was stimulated after a day or so I noticed that my personality somehow “changed” I became more focused on my task ahead at the time which was to study and I did it ! Actually I scored 100% in all of my exams and I was productive too in my life. I recommend it highly just go with an opened mind and dont focus on the results rather focus on the experience

What do you mean by ‘on the inside?’

The Black Sun is interesting, but confusing. In alchemy the Black Sun is often called “The Sun Beheind the Sun” and often identified as the planet Saturn, which is why it is confusing that the workers of Qlippoth put it in the Qlippothic sphere that occupies Tipareth. Supposedly it starts the reversal of the flows of currents in the body and in the chakras. E.A. talks about the excersize being from Evola, who was definatly into some crazy shit.

I did it last night for the first time. I step past my fear of what might happen and just did it.

I felt a chill or something being pulled out of me. It was pleasant and painful at the same time.

Today I felt more proactive in getting rid of clutter around my place. Like why is it here I’m not using it

I plan do do it again and keep doing it

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