Black sun meditation

So I have been thinking of doing the black sun meditation, starting today or tomorrow.

Is there something I must be aware of? Possible consequences? I am not an experienced magician by any means but not a total newbie.


I just say be aware of the massive rush of energy. Black SUN is powerful godly energy, and the rapid influx can be painful to the body. I recomend training the physical body a bit. Stretch your muscles and bones and make your body ready for it.

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For me and my colleague, the experience was beautiful and breathtaking. It started with intense swirling within the eyelids and then a very vivid image of the black sun rising. That caused physical changes as my heartbeat rose (I had a medical device monitoring me) and upon looking the sun, images flashed showing various things related to occultism, spells, rites and other unrelated stuff at the time. The peculiar thing though is that after that my whole body was pulsating in a weird way but pleasant. For the next week, I noticed that not only spiritually my energy levels were high but my physical one as well.

That was weird because as a diabetic with high glucose counts my normal motions during the day were difficult normally. After the exercise that changed to a level that I could even perform tasks that previously because of my health couldn’t. For that period (30 days) vivid dreams, imagery, sigils and shamanic journeys lasted longer and the effects of that showed results for me. I believe each individual experiences diff things with that exercise. For me at some point was to show me my faults and how to realise that rather than walking away from it. The potential I believe is unlimited.

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Actually I am having vivid dreams…forgot about that.

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I’ll do my first black sun meditation today. I’m not sure how long it should last.

Just go with the flow :wink:

Few things I’ve noticed after doing the black sun meditation for 3 days, I fall asleep multiple times just while doing this meditation, I also did the most intense ritual that I remember the other day, which was unplanned and just came outta nowhere, thirdly as I sleep my arm or leg seem to fall asleep and get numb and I’m also having really vivid dreams.

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