Black Salt

Recently, I’ve been looking into black salt for use within a verity of rituals. My interests were initially peaked when I discovered its culinary equivalents in the form of black lava salt, particularly the sea salt verity from Iceland that uses completely natural geothermal techniques in its creation. In comparison, the commonly practiced methods of creating black salt within the occult community seem downright primitive…but that’s not exactly what I’m getting at.

While looking through all this information, and the traditional methods of creating salt, I’ve found myself wondering about a potential method of making a more advanced black salt through more traditional means and an unorthodox additive. Basically, purchasing the black lava salts and then dissolving them within a pot of boiling water, thus creating a super saturated solution that I would then pour into a container to evaporate…leaving behind the salt crystals once again.

As you all know, black salt uses various materials in order to provide that ebony coloration…activated charcoal being the coloring agent in Icelandic Lava Salt. However, I’m considering the charred remains of one of my human Calcaneus bones as an additional agent within this re-crystallization process.


I’m sure that this has been done in the past, it seems far too simplistic an idea to have eluded so many throughout the ages… I’d imagine that this verity of black salt would be well suited for necromancy and black magick in general…but what do you all think, hmm?

I don’t doubt that the principle is sound. I have personally never used it for black magick/necromancy purposes, but I have had great success in using it for healing rituals.

For example, a friend of mine has autism, and an extreme difficulty expressing his anger in healthy ways, so he explodes. I used a jar of black salt to draw off those negative emotions. It worked powerfully.

That jar was made from table salt and grilling charcoal. It worked fine. I don’t think that the materials used in preparing the salt matter that much in its function, which as I understand it, is to draw in and store energy.

Chemically, this preparation might work, given my limited knowledge of chemistry, but again I have had great results with the simplest preparations.

I wish you the best of luck.