Black Salt, how to make it

I saw this on youtube, to make a destruction oil:

black auto engine oil
modena balsamic oil
spicy oil of peperoncino or local chili (important spicy)
chili pepper powder or ground at least three types can be peperoncino, cayenne, chili, jalapenos, piqué, etc. Any type of chili, the hottest you can find.
freshly ground black pepper
black salt
cemetery ground
anthill land
All ingredients are mixed, integrated well and consecrated. It is left to rest for at least 20 days and then used in the rituals of separations, against enemies, road closures, black magic, voodoo, curses in general.


just saw that black salt is made with sea salt and the ashes of a house or business fire, not regular ashes…this is true??


Yes this is the basic way of it I have used. Optional grave dirt. I like it ground really fine too, setting intent as I do the work.

Edit to add: I have once used regular fireplace ashes and not seemingly lost effect. It was used in a freezer jar though so other elements were there. Id give it a go with whats on hand, but Im not the best at rules


Awesome! I am going to have problems finding the ashes tho :confused:

I will try with regular ashes too :slight_smile: thank you so much!! <3

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You can buy black salt. It’s called Himalayan Black Salt . It’s used in certain types of cooking, so your grocery store should stock it.

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Himalayan black salt is generally used in cooking. It is an Indian spice that has an egg flavor and vegans like it in eggless recipes. There is also Hawaiian black salt that Ive never used but I guess is generally for cooking as well and has an unusual flavor. Generally speaking ritual black salt is as described above, cheap af to make, and is created by hand often to help set intent for purpose. This is pretty different from buying egg flavor salt, but to each their own. All that matters in the end is your belief and theres no reason to not give it a go, but there are definitions and one item can not always be easily replaced by another of the same name.