Black pyramid

Is anyone else seeing or experiencing a black pyramid? With golden heiroglyphs all over it on the outside?


It’s found in one of the structuring exercises from the Mastering Evocation Training Course I believe.

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Oh cool thanks.


Ive been doing the exercise since to told me.

In the static energy i can see or create a pyramid but its purple and transparent. Im working on it.

Any tips?

Also it floats off and isnt at all stable

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@TheStorm, maybe better help there than me…I’ve never taken the course.

Things just come to me and I go from there.

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@Eye_of_Ra Neither have I @C.Kendall is the expert here.


The black pyramid is a structure us magician have been dying to manifest into our lives.

Eric did a video on this in working with the dark elves.


Oh, well I see it. …it’s black with gold heiroglyphs arOund it. The ones over the door way are a key…they change and then a gold scorpion appears.

Inside there are scorpions all over, but two torches illuminate a doorway and show another room. In that room is a book.
But it isn’t an ordinary book, it looks odd somehow.
And it’s written in heiroglyphs and the heiroglyphs make words or phrases and you can move them and make new words or phrases …it’s like putting them together in every combination will tell everything for that page.
All the pages seem like that. It feels kinda moving things around on a touch screen but it’s a book. It looks alien like Idk how to explain the pages…like a glow comes off of them like a blue electric light. …and swirls of light.


That makes me want to astral project there tbh. But that’s not my forte.

I’ve actually seen that many times that’s strange.

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Well I saw this when I evoked Velotak. He seems to think I can decifer it…or at least his Godform does.

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Ooh this is the perfect opportunity to learn hieroglyphs

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Depending on your view of the pyramids this can be a place to explore new power or to harness power you already have in new ways. From my experiences when i was experimenting with stone and Crystal pyramids they can act as a type of focal point for power, both receiving and transmitting. As well as a part of a generator in the case of quartz and like crystals.

Structuring Raw energies into the shape of a pyramid has an interesting effect. Explored this a bit with the elements and it always had a kind of magnification effect.

For me In meditations it lead to images similar to this image. Granted i was working with the crawling chaos so it took a darker aspect to the power generated.