Black pullet

I have a few question about the black pullet if anyone has worked with the sigil and spirits in the book and had good success with them. Do have to draw the sigils or can print them out? Do I need the rings? And since I have never really worked with tailsman, do I just draw the talismans, wear them and they work? I’m talking about this book in particular. And yes I have used the search function on this site and others. Also any recommendations only tailsman books that work?

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I drew mine out…
I used a ring from a bubble gum machine and drew the stuff on it with a permanent marker.

And I’ve had mind blowing experiences


Can I pm you…if you don’t mind…:blush:


@Eye_of_Ra : Can you explain more on what did you did exactly?
How long did it take to manifest results?
Which sigils you have used from the black pullet?