Black pullet

Please I just finished reading the black pullet and I tried Out the first talisman with the ring but did not work out, please can someone tell me why

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Sorry, it won’t. It isn’t that easy. Like just do the preparation and then expect wonders? Nah!

Read the book all over again, you will find the missing piece. Read between the lines too.


This ring?

The narrator in this book didn’t specify how this worked - without knowing the energy and intention to set behind the words, they are just sounds.
My experience of daemonic language, anyway, (specifically, with the Invokation of all powers channeled by EA Koetting) is that it’s not just sounds - it comes to life with added energy by the practitioner and can mean different things with the same sounds but different intention.

In addition, the working here was performed by the guide as much as the narrator. Did you contact this guide to get its help?

Other than that, can you give more information on how you performed the ritual? Did you fashion a ring with the same symbols? What happened on the the emotional and intentional end of things?

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With anything , mastery comes with time , try and try again until you succeed .

Tru its afew methods to use tis book some say paper amd candle, i find a book who say use cloth draw carry whit u but using dijjin pray. No necessary metals,