Black Pullet spirits

What is the origin of these spirits – are they Djinn?
thanks in advance to anyone who knows.

[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:1, topic:3455”]What is the origin of these spirits – are they Djinn?
thanks in advance to anyone who knows.[/quote]
Hey there pal!Well i was wondering for a couple of years about it too.
I was studying the black pullet for over 2 years well I never summoned any of the spirits because at the time i was a newbie and afraid of evocation.The spirits that the book describes are very powerfull and sometimes the conditions for the human to meet the spirit was somewhat frightening…I didnt try to evoke any of them because after closer reading i thought that this book was just a story, but after quite some time i realized that they were actual spirits and yes most of them are Djins,fiery spirits and Djin Elementals(embodyment of Nature’s aspects) so they are defenitely Djins from the way they appear,talk and behaving patterns


hi.guys.i read smwhere.tat invoqe them whit paper seal.not circle. tat he were afraid bcse he dnt habe the metal he dismises them.but carl nagel has a book of them.yez tey arw dijjin.and it/ thoses work.plz say amazing could be danger? i tnk how strng ya could/ can be.but the book has the invocation& dismmiss.

Djinn?? I want to learn them. any links Zorrito

uhhh.not sure if brad wants publicity of others authors.but its called the fire spirits or smthng.its in finbarr $24-26. dollrs.the reason/ tat if ya dnt have metal ring.and using paper seal.better b quick asking ya wish.and dismiss ya results.