Black magik& girlfriends?

Hi,im a beginer in black magik path,my qwstion,do all the black magiks,are married? Or hide their magik books,wen a grl come to ya place,i do,;). I have reading of master in magik,singles,lonely,likw practicing,at wekends.just curios,i want a balance,grls& magik,

No, I am married and my spouse knows I practice and they are fine with it.

I think it depends on the person though.

Trust me, be up front about it early in the relationship, once you live together she will eventually find out. My fiancé doesn’t practice magick, but doesn’t mind if I do. And because of it, she has started asking more questions and becoming more interested.

I practice alone. I fear rejection and getting cast out, namely because I live with my mother. So, naturally, I don’t want to be thrown out and I’d like to live here.

Working in the early morning hours, about two in the morning, calling upon shadows and invoking malice.

It’s better to be alone, in my opinion. The less physical distractions, the better. Maybe when the Seeker wants a companion I’ll bite, but for now, I am descending into the Dark too quickly to stop for a mate.

I see,it hapen 2 me,a grl find a book,demonik& sex magik,and accuse me of put a spell,on her,seduction,etc,i was so lol,bcse,i dnt,but she tnl i put her,one spell,after,screams,she hit,me,she believe me,but was enought,to not let books,candles,etc,around apartment,

Ideally, I’d want to have this in common with my partner. I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone who wasn’t tolerant of it or where I felt I had to hide it once we got serious.

If you just want to get laid, hide them (or go back to hers - better chance of a cooked breakfast as well!), but if you think the person could be a real long-term thing then she needs to accept you for who you are right from the start.

Maybe hide anything too suggestive, sex magick or anything with a freaky looking cover, but leave a few classics right in sight, it’ll save you needing to “out yourself” later on as well.


If you do not have physical distractions, you will not have your mind properly connected to the real word, as you should have while practicing magick, always.

Maybe the physical isn’t a distraction. Maybe it’s -real-, just as much as magick! gasp

A part of a whole, that’s only whole with all the parts included?

I think the idea of forsaking the physical for the spiritual is just as backwards as most religions. Your a being of both worlds which means you should enjoy being in both.

My lady knows I practice and has no problem when I do things for her, she’s not a strong believer but has been freaked out enough times to know that there is something to this stuff and that’s as far as she really cares to delve which leaves it as something for me to have to myself which is fine with me.

I honestly avoid relationships, not because I see them as a distraction or anything(which I do but that is beside the point), but I’m not really an empathetic person, and the amount of alone time I need would put a strain on any relationship. So I would rather stick to FWB, ONS, and anything that falls under no strings attached.

I don’t even think it’s legal for me to get married where I live.

Wait, never mind, it’s legal.

i do my intense work away from home but meditations and such il do at home. my wife is the light kind of pagan…close to wicca and we have two small once so out of respect i keep it away from them for now but i told my wife my kids will learn all i know and if they want to reach godhood ill lead there way when they are old enough. the rest of my family doesnt like me going to there houses… i have always been open about what i do but have always done it alone. each on to there own

I am married. My wife knows but doesn’t really understand the depth I go to or am willing to go to. I have my temple in the garage and keep my workings and the spirits out there. They have so far respected that boundary.

I feel that unless they are in the same line of work - people who work in the arts themselves - and they can gel with your work in a reciprocating fashion, then you gotta be fine with things being temporary and transitory. That doesn’t mean you don’t have meaningful relationships, but just don’t try to stretch it farther than it is likely to go. It’s not about the spiritual or physical, in fact if these things aren’t simultaneously present in all facets of life you’re probably not really advancing that far. But if you are finding that you are always having to thread some needle between this part of life and that part of life, and needing (not wanting) to separate your family from your art, something is going to have to give. Rather you ditch your family, or your art will progress really slowly if at all.

Plus to what i said, if you do want a girlfriend that is really into black magick…research for succubus.

Hahaha you can find a succubus EASILY, and thing is the succubi (at least in my experience) tend to attract more women to you.

I do exactly the same. My temple is on the backside of my property. Worked in the house or garage for a long time, but my son started seeing and hearing things at times that scared him, my daughter didn’t seems to mind the side effects much. Regardless, all work I do is in my temple now. Now when it my week to have the kids, my son seems more at ease when he is here. Though my daughter can see my temple from her window, she said it’s relaxing to see it. Maybe when my boy gets older he’ll get used to it, he’s still pretty young (8 yrs old).

Hi,guys maybe we should star a topic of how introduce kids to magik path,my idea star in school,wen the bullies,gosip etc,im single oerwise i will teach my kids magik .

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