Black Magick of Ahriman

Since I have started the path of smoke, my ascent has skyrocketed, the path of the Zanda is a path that simple words can’t describe.

I have walked the nightside of my own soul, I have peered into drugaskan, I rose Domar and Dehak, I have emanated the rays of the black sun and I have become the black sun.

The alchemical process, I have undergone with the blood moon Az Jahi, the storm fiend Zohak and the black sun Angra Mainyu ( Ahriman ), is amazing.

I have evoked, invoked the Div’s and have felt the cold flames of arezura pierce my very being, I believe that this book is the greatest work that has been produced by become a living god, this year.

I have many books by BALG like, O.A.A 18 initiations, book of Azazel, kingdoms of flames etc.

The black magick of Ahriman, stood out the most.

The others who have worked through this and have started whining on the forum, they need to walk another path.

They complain about they can’t do this, or this is hard to do, at the end of the day if you’re not willing to put in the work, you will not reap the rewards.

Just want to say, I hope all the brothers and sisters of the path of smoke will continue in the great work of this tome.

Yours sincerely

Priest of the black sun.

Conner Kendall.


I got it awhile ago didn’t really work on it much because where im at i dont have much time/space to due big things but i do hope soon ill be able to.


Well good luck, hope you get to start soon.


thanks, Congrats on your progress tho man


Thanks :zap:️.


Keep up the great work my friend. You will keep growing. The war wages on. I promise to keep the work coming for those of you who are harnessing the power.


@C.Kendall do you mind if I share this success to my author page?


@KurtisJoseph Of course sure.

I can’t wait to get started on the path of Smoke @C.Kendall!

Stepping completely out of the JCI paradigm is going to give the alchemy much more momentum. It will help detach many of the subconscious ties and blockages.