"BLACK MAGICK MANIFESTO — Steal And Plagiarize This!"

From E.A. & Timothy’s Facebook pages:

My Sorcerers, A Token Of My Love –

Timothy here. I have penned a 32-page carpet bomb! – Entitled:

BLACK MAGICK MANIFESTO: The Conscience of the Left Hand Path

• Learn more: http://balg.co/manifesto

Many of you great folks have grieved that you missed my original tour de force last year, Black Magick, which topped at 413 pages. So I have written this booklet to hammer the main ideas in a tight, explosive manner.

GIFT: you can order your copy 100% free.

I have personally funded – out of my own pocket – the release of 500 gorgeous little booklets. You only need to cover the shipping, which will be negligible. And yes, we will also release an e-book version of this too for extra convenience.

I love freethought, heresy, and the Ascent to Godhood. I consider the Left Hand Path the most beautiful and ingenious philosophy in the world, so it fills my heart with joy to place this handsome text in your open hands. In other words, I do this purely to honor black magick, and nurture good will in anyone who identifies with it.

Black magicians can often be arrogant, snarky, and cynical – for example, I myself am probably the most arrogant, condescending man alive; just ask any woman I have ever dated – so we rarely discuss humanitarian things like charity or philanthropy, but in reality there is nothing wrong at all with giving an honest gift now and then.

So, sign up right now to receive an exclusive email the moment we release it in late April.




BLACK MAGICK MANIFESTO — Steal And Plagiarize This!!!

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Great news! It’s always good to get my/our hands on new material concerning the LHP (even if a lot of books throw in a lot of the same stuff over and over with only a few new things). This will be coming out as my final exams in college come to close so it will be a great read AND a reward.

For those of you who couldn’t get the 413 page book, let me say that I have read it and I absolutely love it. I am lucky enough to have the regular edition AND the limited 50 (I think) black leather edition. If you can find the money, it is worth the sacrifice to have this book - I can’t recommend it enough. As a student of Philosophy alongside Psychology, I can also say that the philosophy aspects that Timothy throws in, especially regarding his harkening to older philosophers (and his favorite, Neitzsche), also check out and are used quite well. There are a few small areas where I would raise questions due to my interpretation and understanding of some of the texts he uses, but overall it is very solid.

I do have one question, though, and it would be best if Timothy could answer this:
In the book there are provided Proofs and Refutations for various arguments. Since this is on the philosophy of the Left Hand Path, were these proofs beforehand written out and tested in forms of Logic such as Prepositional, Quantifiable, and Modal? It would be interesting to see those proofs, if yes, and even if not I may just take the time to write out proofs for them and see if they work. I absolutely love the Math of Arguments/Logic. I could also show them to some Philosophy Professors who focus in on Logic, who knows?

I’ll attach a photo of me holding my copy of the lmt. 50 BLACK LEATHER edition of Black Magick: The Left Hand Path - edited the contrast to conceal myself a tad more. Enjoy the edgy look of it all :wink:

Excellent, I’ve signed up for this to get the e-book version, I shall be most interested to read it. :slight_smile:

Is this an April fools joke?

Not unless Timothy can’t use a calendar - 'twas uploaded on the 31st March. :slight_smile:

IMO philosophy is usually people using a lot of big words to justify doing what they wanted to do anyway, whether that’s feel to superior or martyred, be cruel or be kind. Still I shall enjoy reading some with an LHP twist. And if all I get in my inbox is a picture of a bunny, nice stitch up!

Update from Timothy’s Facebook page:


• Link: http://balg.co/manifesto

As you may know, I have penned a blistering manifesto on the conscience of the Left Hand Path. It demolishes dumb haters, false criticisms, and comical fear-mongering. It will provide you the clearest, simplest comprehension of what black magick means, who its greatest sages are, and what its future holds.

This sparknotes-style guide now exists forever, and can be yours for free… so you have no more excuses for fundamental errors.

P.S. Both e-book and audiobook formats of this will drop in May.

Do not ever say that I do not love you!

I cannot wait to get my copy. Of course the book is free but the shipping $5 isnt. LOL. On a related note i was given an offer for an evocation of Satan offer. If anyone else received this invitation and has the money I say go for it. $797 isn’t cheap though. I was brave (or crazy) enough to say fuck it and dive head first and get it.

Ironically i have had several dreams of Lucifer and a couple of Azazel and a few others in the past few months. I guess they are prepping me in their own way for a major shift.

Miss you Eva. I been absent for awhile, college and shit been keeping me busy and reading about Vernaxis (can’t spell) really intrigued me. Makes you think about that could be you in the future after reincarnarions and evolving into a mentor spirit like him.

I have ordered my copy of it today, looking forward to get it :slight_smile:

I’m fine with the shipping cost since we get the booklet for free :smiley:

Thanks Timothy I can’t wait to read it I just ordered my copy five minutes ago can’t wait to break it open.

Link for the e-book (PDF, nothing complicated) and audiobook arrived in my inbox today, haven’t had time to read it yet but this is the link:


Audiobook looks like a .wav file, and is on YouTube below: