Black Magick - Good for people who do well under pressure

Do any of you find that you perform better overall in life when shit hits the fan hard and fast in your life? It seems like ever since I began work with Lucifer at the beginning of last year, the one thing I’ve taken to heart is that I can never have 100% faith in the belief that life will remain completely happy, struggle-free, and suffering-free. At times this leaves me in pits of doubt and nihilism. There’s a point that suffering can reach to where it seems like the universe itself is testing you by throwing every horrid thing at you that it can. Since my work with Lucifer’s current though, whenever these circumstances come, I feel so empowered. There’s almost a “wow, I’m honored that reality itself could move against me this much and I’m still not toppled” mentality followed by a knowing that the situation(s) will only catapult me to a new and better place every time. It’s a huge rush to experience it. It’s the time when your power and the power of the entropy of reality battle it out with one another. Even when I have experienced being completely broken and shattered from the events within his current, I know that I can continue on and fight another day. I think black magick is the best friend of those who can take hard times and circumstances as their greatest friend and foe at the same time.


Some footing sure helps though.


Well I came to black magic and the demonic as I was defeated and on ropes
I can say this last year and half working with the Demonic has not only opened my eyes to many things and misconceptions I had held
I m not really sure about if good for people under pressure is right term if you here or at point to call on them for there assistance not sure it matters

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I get extremely overwhelmed, anxious, angry and stressed when under pressure. I crack often and am hypersensitive to any problems I come across. Ive been holding back on practicing black magic cause of the terrible things it will throw at me and I already terrible at handling difficult situations… I’ve decided I’d like to start, because I want to grow stronger. I want to face my fears and learn to overcome. I want to grow.

Your story reminds me of what I thought. That if I work with dark presences, I will be faced with struggles, but that it will teach me to accept and in fact feel liberated when something comes my way.

I enjoy listening to someone that feels empowered by their struggles through practice of the darkness.

Thank you.


I don’t know if I perform better under duress, but being ruled by Saturn, it has been challenging from day one.
People don’t understand how I handle what has been thrown at me for decades now. It’s almost like my Saturnian ass cannot even fathom an easy road.
This past year has been a non stop barrage of threats, attacks and bullying against me and my family. Honestly some relatives have said they wouldn’t have been able to take it, would have just given in, or given up totally.
Do I revel is the challenge that LHP has brought? Maybe. Although I do admit it has worn on me at this point.
If I go down, I go down fighting. I know no other way.

Thanks for posting. I have noticed many people come to Magick at a time of desperation.

As far as your topic, though, I think it can be a bit different. If by black Magick you mean the LHP, it’s a mix. Many may start it because of an urgent need, but to be really successful one needs to develop the discipline to continue to improve whether still in a stressful situation or not.

For me, LHP is mostly about the freedom to live how one wants released from the fetters and shackles of organized religion or predetermined precepts and rules set by an specific order or belief system.