Black Magick Friends with Benefits 2.0 (April)

So the last friends with benefits has ended (and ended quite badly). I want to start a new group working. Only six people may join (myself included). If you want to join just post below but keep in mind that by joining there is a no-aggression pact and anyone who breaks it will be removed from the group. No exceptions. Any baneful magick or spying or harassment of any sort will be reported to Lady Eva and you will not be allowed in the group. Hope we can make some dreams come true :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in joining. Not sure what I want but the magic is certainly good practice

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Cool - I won’t get magickally involved, but I WILL ban or suspend anyone who causes problems that are conducted via the facilities of this forum, though I very much hope that now we’ve ironed out the bugs, it won’t come to this.

As kind of patrons (in some ways) of this forum, may I suggest calling on a demonic King from Azazel’s heirarchy to oversee the no-aggression pact, maybe Bael, or Azazel himself? With a pledge taken, and working-specific pact made, to that patron to conduct magick to the best of your abilities (so no-one’s secretly free-loading, and laughing to themselves behind their hand) and so that you’re giving consent to that demon to punish your ass, if you act out of line?


You’re in! We’ll randomize the dates like last time and we’ll work for our goals next month. Not sure what I want either to be completely honest but I’m sure everyone has some things that would improve their lives that they are currently missing.


Excellent idea Lady Eva! I think Azazel would be a great overseer for the operation.

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With the new pm system, we could set up a group chat for this. Once everyone is on that is

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Azazel is a great guy and would definitely be a good mod for this. Just a quick disclaimer: I’ve known Azazel for a while and am personally tied to him, he’s part of the pantheon I set up

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Two down, four to go. That would be great. I actually like the new forum layout. So I think once we have everyone, they will have to pledge to Azazel to not act against other group members and to do their part. Then we could get started.


May I join?

Yep. Just remember to make the pact with Azazel that you’ll do your part in the group and won’t harass/spy on us. Do you know what you want?

I wish to have my spiritual senses one upped.

So I just evoke Azazel right? Or can I simply state aloud my pact? How would you have me do this?

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Yeah just evoke him. And if you can’t evoke then draw his sigil on one side of a piece of paper and on the other side, write out the pact and then charge it.

Ok will do

I must warn you all if you make said pact Azazel will take it seriously.

He throws me in the lake of fire to purify me or get me in line. Everyone thinks I just do whatever I want but no, he might protect me from everyone else but if i break his rule or step out of line. He does punish me. With every right to. Thats how a D/s relationship goes.
So making a pact with him, is serious. And you should understand there are no backseys once the deal is done.

I will not be in Apirls works. I have other stuff Azazel wants me to do.

If any of you have disrespected or offended Azazel in anyway, please get that worked out. He allows things for a little while and then hes done. And when Azazel is done with you, he is done.
I wish you all much success on this and Id like to follow just to see you guys do some awesome magick together.
Good luck and best wishes!
~ arianna :rose:

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Curious though as to why you are starting this and not Velotak??

Actually after seeing the forums problems, I’d like to respectfully withdrawal. It doesn’t seem safe

No problemo.

Thats why you make the pact, with Azazel.

But I understand your choice.

Best wishes~

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I just figured I wanted to be proactive and start it myself.

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I hear ya.