Black Magick Dating

Hello EA,

Have you, or would you consider starting a black magick dating site?

Even though we as black magicians have the knowledge and skill to draw ourselves good lovers, oftentimes it is still hard finding people who understand the LHP we are on. Perhaps it takes a black magician to truly love one…

I have seen many brethren become involved with mundane folks, and even other flavors of magick…yet providing a space specific to the realities of black magick and the many layers of love, lust desire etc may improve the chances of successful union for those so inclined.

By having a uniquely black magick dating space, one could cut through much bullshit and having to explain what someone would be getting into…

In any case, please think about it? Thank you.

Best Regards,


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I have date many wicas tey avoid me.pagans the same .As soon tey saw my books run away.avoid it’s about wat kind u practice hardcore? Black.? Invoquin? Works? No all the chicks want a serious practice guy.and will be on looking for items or mistrust all the time.