Black Magick Course

I know that this topic has been posted before by somebody, but I wanted to revisit it.

Has anybody taken EA’s black magick course? Any thoughts? Is it worth it? I believe I could greatly benefit from a structured course.

I have taken and gone through all of it. I enjoyed the course but I would not recommend starting here although it is presented in terms of ethics, philosophy, and the bedrock for all workings in black magick. He goes into things such as concecrating materials and naming them, ritual space and workings, types of black magick such as baneful and vampyrick, as well as additional clips of him helping clients in various situations.

I took it more as an overview and introduction to black magick as a whole while delving into the various paths within it. Sort of like presenting a genre of music and then touching upon it’s various subgenres. I would personally take the Divination course first followed by the Evocation course, THEN take this one. Without knowing about divination or evocation a lot of what is shown and taught in the Black Magick course can’t really be applied beyond what is shown. It is assumed a good bit that you understand what is happening and have a grasp on at least divination.

So, is the course good and beneficial? Yes. Can you start here? Sure, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very well produced and interesting to watch, full of various different forms of black magick and a spell/ritual for almost each video, but without other knowledge you could just be stuck with what is given in the course and only that.