Black Magick Course

Just making sure everyone has the link for this - the course has a 20% early-bird discount which brings it down to $77 a month for 5 monthly payments, that’s open until January 6th - there’s a full description and also video at this link:

So does anyone have a review for this yet?

I too am wondering if anyone has a review of it yet.

This course is excellent, and I highly recommend it for any Black Magician or practitioner. It is presented in a straightforward manner, yet the viewer is also able to read the subtext and learn much to be applied in a personal way. Many of the techniques taught can be further adjusted to suit the needs of a person or group. The hands-on demonstrations and instruction requires you to go out and do magick, instead of simply studying it. I have already had much success utilizing several things from this course. I was blown away by how well it worked. The feeling of utter joy and triumph when I experienced my progress excel is something I am still basking in. This course has challenged me on many levels to step more fully into who and what I am; completely owning it and living from there; yet it invites one to go further; never settling and always looking to grow and ascend. I look forward to more courses in the future. The personal stories EA offers gives it a feeling of sitting with a friend musing over magick, sharing ideas and pondering the infinite potential and application of power. This may be the next best thing to being able to study in person with the architects of this course. There is something here for everyone who wants to learn. Absolutely brilliant. Bravo and well done!

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I would love to see the videos in the course. Ive seen the other 4 courses out there and they are all great and I was able to learn a lot from them. I have no doubts I would be able to learn a great deal from this course as well.

It’s not listyed in the drop-down menu above I see, but this is the link:

thanks again fro the mini review i been meaning to reply back on this lol

I figured I would share my initial impressions hehe… I would watch it again to do it more justice. I hope more people watch the course and share their reviews.

Thanks for the review. I plan on getting the course here in the next couple weeks.