Black magick class


Dante abiel told me recently that he is looking to have a black magick class if I can get 10-15 people interested in taking it. The class will be in three parts, the first will go over occult terms, the second will be ritual breakdown of terms, and the third will be him teaching you whatever you want to learn related to black magick. He will give you a specific task to complete at the end and monitor the results himself, if the goal manifests properly he will give you a certificate saying you completed the course. The class is 350, if interested inbox me


I’m a little too busy right now with other things. Looks good though, having a certificate up on my wall would be pretty cool haha


Skype or over the phone


Still need a few more members


set me up and I’m in broski :stuck_out_tongue:


350 per person guray lol


dont expose me dammit


Lol you can pay me in rupees


I’ll pay you in with chickens lol


Alright ten chickens and four goats. Plus ten of your wives


naah my wifes are precious. get some to yourself,they’re quite cheap in this season


Do you accept monopoly money?


I know all about Dantresh’s wives!,94206/


Ok Defectron you win. Funniest yet saddest link I’ve seen in a long time.




Would love to join. Unfortunately, I do not have $350 at this point in time.


i took this pic from the Internet some time ago… i look at it sometimes to contemplate life