Black magick and mental health

So im curious what some of your experiences are with dark spirits/demons/energies and how they have impacted your mental health…like for me, personally, i started really taking the darker side of spirituality more serious and diving deeper because i took the approach of trying to dive into the root causes and conditions of my mental health issues by invoking qlippothic forces so i could have my attention brought to the most pertinent issues. This worked…and it worked all too well…but i feel like while the beginning stages of this work have been way more intense than expected, it helped me a lot, especially since i have an amazing support network

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What do you mean by “dark”?. Different people will use this term to mean different things. Like the Qlippoth is the dark tree, lhp is dark, etc.

To me really dark involves sadistic enjoyment of taking or breaking another’s free will and causing them suffering, so I have a very narrow definition, and it’s akin to “evil”.

I don’t see lhp then or shadow work as dark exactly, and what is dark for me starts getting into areas of illegality and insane criminality.

But I’m thinking that’s not what you mean?

I do feel that calling any spirit that’s not an angel “dark” is a learned trope (dogma) that isn’t shears helpful. There’s only a couple on entities that I feel this kind of “I fuck people up and I enjoy it” dark, because that’s how they’re built. One is “THE BOY” from Sorceress Cagliastro’s work, who is born from human usury, and Andras felt a bit that way to me.

On the other hand if “dark” just means Yin, and dealing with trauma and pain, which the qlippoth is god at getting you to do, then that is a slightly different conversation.

Tl;dr If you clarify what “dark” is hopefully the thread will go in the way you want. :slight_smile:


Im going for more of the esoteric definition, but the face value definition is the result of mismanaged darkness. Its just another frequency of energy basically

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If you call qlipoth forces caos enter in your Life and this Is correct.
Amplify your inner problema, put light on uncosciuous things Who make decision in your Life daily


So heres a little update…its been total hell lately but as always, with every round of traumatic tirggers always comes a new light of understsnding. I see why my higher self has been pulling me towards this path with such force no matter how much i kick and scream…the end result for every chaotic cycle is always highly beneficial on such a deep level. Like right now, im recovering from a meth and coke relapse, and after kicking and screaming for like 5 days at everyone in my life, i just did a small invocation to satan and im having so many instantaneous flashes of insight its unreal. Like im starting to see more kf what these gaslight adventures are really about (long story. If you know, you know, if not, then it would sound like some serious hollyowood movie shit if i told you) yeah…its weird man…ive gotten to where i trust these spiritual archetypes/beings more than i trust other people despite how intangible and illusive they manifest in my life.


Going in Chaos have put in light my mental problems… It was necessary but Life complety change… Is very hard… Different things come out… You never know before