Black Magick: A Left Hand Pathworking course

Has anyone taken E.A.’s Black Magick: A Left Hand Pathworking course? Did you find it helped you to become a better magician and to improve your magick? What sections of the course were the most useful to you? And whatever else you can add about your experience with the course! Thank you!

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This is a basic over path working to magick.

Here you will learn how to perform rituals and spells for your your own ascent.

Things like consecration of your your own ritual alter to imblue it with power and link it to you, in order to manifest your own magick and make it more powerful.

You’ll learn also how to introduce yourself to the powers of magick so that you can connect with them and make them a part of your daily life.

You won’t go wrong buying this course.

If you are a beginner, you’ll learn over all just about all that you need to be an effective daily sorcerer.

If you practice thoroughly what is in this course on a regular basis, you’ll will become an adept in magick and spell casting!


Thanks Blaze