Black magic to cause trichotillomania

my sister just recently developed trichotillomania… she has literally pulled out most of her hair on her head. she’s 30yo and and im pretty sure it does not run in the family. could this be caused by black magic? are there any rituals she can do to stop pulling her hair out?

I’m not being disrespectful by saying this, but this sounds like it is being caused by extreme anxiety or meth. I would rule out those common causes before considering black magick as being the cause.


I agree with @jboy. Trichotillomania is a physical manifestation of extreme anxiety. I’m sorry, but not everything can be laid at the feet of black magick, despite what the Christians claim.

Your sister needs psychological help and therapy.

However, her healing can be aided by calling upon the archangel Raphael, or Marbas. The angel Opfaal from EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame may also be of help, as he has the ability to “free the mind from all fears, phobias and plagues” as well as spiritual bondage (if magick has been used Opfaal can break the spell).


It’s typically related to a subtype of OCD. I’d rule out any substances and look into Clomipramine. 25mg a day changed my world