Black Magic Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash

I was looking at this book at Aeon Sophia Press called Black MAgic Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash. Has anyone read or skimmed through this book? What are you’re thoughts?

[quote=“taokua”]I haven’t read/seen the book- but there were some previous posts- one specifically asking the same question, and a few others about that subject, if you wanted to search in this forum.

(when you write you were “looking at this book” did you mean in a catalog/website looking at, or looking at the actual book? if the second- what did you see in it?[/quote]

catalog. Ah I missed that I did not know anyone posted about it. Thank you I will take a look.

Tricky thing about alternate-terms/spellings (Shem vs Schem, etc), but also whether another person asking what seems the same question about the same topic, it might go in a fully different direction. -so hard to tell is other posts are only related by the topic/term/title of book, or if was the discussion (as may have come up before, but seeking else.)

On a side note- I find it interesting how certain books (in specific) or subject-topics will just grab some people; sometimes in obvious links, but other terms it just grabs. For myself I’ve found some topics/writings/learnings that make-sense to me I would be interested in… and yet… vs others I just see a reference to it ___ (how much of that is subconscious Program-triggering of near-associations, RAS and all that (Ret Activating sys), how much might just be intuit-parallel-link-leaps… and how much might be the UnderlyingCurrent sensed through that hinted at a greater wholeness <whispers from one’s Allies and such>. )