Black magic evocation of the shem ha mephorash

I just came across this book and ordered it.

The premise is interesting. Invoking the demonic in order to control an Angel evocation. Perhaps it is not new at all but since I am new to evocation from a western perspective, it is a new approach for me.

I wonder if Angels would be vindictive because you are using Demons to force them into submission? Seems like the opposite side of the coin of evocation layered heavily in Judeo-Christian influence.

In any case, I love the idea of whipping Angels into submission with my Demonic brothers at my side. Fucking hilarious! (that’s really a joke, I wouldn’t disrespect any spirit by trying to use threats and any forceful means)

Anyone here have experience with this type of evocation?

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The book looks interesting and possibly worth adding to my library, but I don’t see anything in the link which mentions using demons to control the 72 Shem ha-Mephorash angels. They are, in essence, aspects of the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient source, each name has to its ‘good’ angel an adverse ‘evil’ too, so good luck to anyone who has the completely unnecessary, woefully ignorant, totally pointless and frankly downright idiotic idea of trying to ‘control’ these powers by evoking some cthonic entities. Why woudl you want to anyway? The ‘Shem angels’ are nothing but beneficial to men, will readily do everything within their powers to assist you, and their invocation -[ especially into oneself - is a powerful path of ascent to Godhood. But then again, this sort of pointlessness just appeals to the black-lipstick-wearing, death-metal-listening, self-mutilating, hate-anything-to-do-with-Christianity obnoxious contrarian for the sake of being contrarian 20-something adolescents. Well, kids will be kids, and they’ll hopefully learn from it when they get burned and figure out their lives are a completely worthless mess. No entities worth their salt have any liking for weak people who try to bully spirits.

I got that idea from a review I read or a blog post possibly on the book. Perhaps the workings are simply about balancing aspects of the Omnipotent and there is no control being executed anywhere. In any case, working with the 72 Shem ha-Mephorash angels from a Black Magic perspective still seems intriguing to me.

There is a lengthy preview of the book linked somewhere off their blog.

Poete Maudit, I believe many of the counter-culture kids you write about have not really rid themselves of Christian dogma or they wouldn’t be so bothered by it.

I’ll write a quick review of the book and what it is really about when I receive it soon.

I have also ordered a copy, seems promising

It’s a pretty book. Would likely be worth owning just for the aesthetics. Sounds interesting too.

I received my copy of this book today. I am obviously yet to evoke any of the entities listed but I will give a quick run down of its contents and ideas.

Firstly regard the use of the term Black magic. The author posits that since all the Abrahamic religions consider any form of magick/witchcraft to be evil and since the grimoire is derived from an Abrahamic source any workings carried out are by this nature “Black Magic”. The book otherwise is not especially dark or black and the Author constantly reminds us to “Do as thou wilt”.

The book starts with how the Shem Ha Mephorash is derived with a bit of history then lays out several methods of working with the entities, how ever I wouldn’t call the tome beginner and the author assumes that you are already familiar with ceremonial magic.

The book then goes on to list the 72 entities. Each entity has a sigil listed as well as some notes of varying length (as little as a single sentence up to several pages) as to how the entity might be employed.
Each entity is considered a balanced force and can therefor be call either sephirothically or qliphothically for benificient or baneful workings respectively. The offices ruled by the spirits are broad with a good mix between material and abstract influence.

The book is very heavy on kabbalah and its various number games, much of these details flew over my head a bit so even though I will still get use from the book I definitely need to sharpen my knowledge here.

Presentation wise it is absolutely beautiful and well formatted, many diagrams, some even in colour. The half silk and leather cover is very striking.

Over all I think its a pretty good book, if you don’t enjoy the more esoteric depths of kabbalah then its definitely not for you.

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