Black Light experience

Wondering if others have had something similar,

around two years ago I’d say now, I was on lunchbreak, middle of summer, at work. Every now and then I’d try and meditate. I decided to listen to Powerful "Awakening Your Inner Black Flame" Mantra (Chant) - YouTube

To date it’s only happened once and I haven’t reproduced it but basically what happened was:

about half-way through listening, it felt like a thud or something walloped me in the head. There was no pain or anything but my consciousness felt, I guess dark is the only way to put it. Could also say that it felt like when you’re heavily drunk and the world seems to blacken around you and you feel numb but kind of euphoric the same time.

Where it got weird was I think Set was showing me some things. (I should be clear that a lot of my experiences it can be hard to tell what is me or imagination) nonetheless, foreign ideas or perceptions of the worldview seemed much different.

Concepts coming to me that I remember was like: Stage of the mind; what you’re aware of the Gods can’t manipulate, if you truly knew how it worked. Chaos; it seems blindingly obvious now but chaos being a very real force that come from a place beyond anything logic. Void; chaos come from the void and you could channel this great uncontainable energy but the maddening thing was I could see it behind everything - as of we just lived in this empty vacuum that could collapse any second.

For about a week I felt numb and sort of dimmed like I was drunk. Also found meat/blood very repulsive for about three days. I mean I guess it was the black flame awakening? but seriosuly what the fuck was that!? It was very maddening and I found I could channel a bit of physical power from the black but just hey, it was very, very weird.

Just wanted to share, see if anyone has some insight or similar experiences


Very cool. I haven’t experienced this feeling exactly. I’ve experienced different altered states that persist for a few hours or days, where everything looks different and what pops out as important changes.

It’s super interesting poking around under the hood of reality, as it were. :slight_smile:


Nice to hear someone has some thoughts, I meant to call it flame though. Blacklight came from the game Prototype

I don’t think we really are meant to peak there (I guess everything has to exist or be aware),
though definitely one of my strongest experiences. The danger of losing sanity though seems a very real possibility but I wouldn’t really know it would I? TaIking about altered states though I’ve never consciously held an altered state before, at most maybe 2 seconds? after like 30m of trying. Really most of them I’ve had have been a waking experience with the exceptions of random awareness after being asleep for sometime.

Wish I could add a whole lot more