Black hole with an eye = Lucifer?

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So let’s jump to the subject, since 2 weeks i do a lot of shadow works in order to rediscover my true self. This inclued of course meditation, during those meditations (and some dreams) i always saw a black hole and in the center there is an eye. I’ve talk about it to one of my friend we end up using his rune to identify this “thing” (i don’t remember the runes sorry) it say “it’s a masculine energy realted to the “original chaos” and who is identified as (Kenaz) a light and a guide, an energy pretty close to fire”.

I thought about lucifer but maybe its someone else ? I didn’t see anyone talking about lucifer being a black hole.

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Hiya OP! It sounds like it might be referring to Lucifer, but I feel like that’s not the answer, just a similar being. It could actually be Prometheus, the releaser of mental chaos, from his Tartarus-dweller form, since Tartarus is the masculine black hole. :slight_smile:

Maybe a mask/aspect of Lucifer then?

Doesn’t feel like the same consciousness to me, but Prometheus is very similar to Lucifer and there is a form of his that is technically within a black hole/Tartarus. :slight_smile:


Thanks you Qayos, did you already worked with prometheus ? Does that mean i have to reach out to him or to Lucifer ?
Sorry for all the questions that’s the first time i face this kind of thing hehe

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The dark void represents fear of the unknown and unexpected problems. It can suggest confusion over one’s direction or what route you should take. The all-seeing eye is a symbol, shows your seeking answers to your fate or future which remains a mystery within darkness with several directions, you must decide on a path or a direction and find your own answers as to what will work specifically for you.


Hiya! Don’t worry; questions are a sign of evolution! :slight_smile:

Yes I have worked with both entities before, I’d suggest reaching out to at least Prometheus if not both and see what they say. :slight_smile:

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I’ll update when i’ll have my answer, i did some tarot spread and the only answers were “seek by yourself” and “find me”. It’s time for adventure haha thank for everyone !


Uptade 1

After a meditation were i saw a big mountain but no black hole-eye this Time, i decided to try automatic writing something interesting happenned.
[Disclamer i’m french so i’ll do my best to translate the message]

I closed my eyes and asked in my mind “tell me what do you have to say” i saw the letters one by one and i write everything with my eyes closed. The letters end up being a sentence " More open Come the emperor".
Then i open my eyes to analyse the sentence, the word “come” and “emperor” were clean but not the first words i ended up translate it by two sentences :
“Cry and the emperor will come”
" By two come the emperor"

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