Black hole 10-04-2019

Hey, hello, my post is about to discuse about the black hole that the media is talking about… Einstein, howkins, also talk about that in his moment, what you guys think about that and how thats influence in magick? Cause its confirming about another dimensions… like sorrcer i recongnize it… but how its affect to magick?


Well, black holes suck matter into it and then crushes it with gravity, right? So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that going near it (astrally) would be a bad idea?

(Disclaimer: I am not a scientist so this entire post may be complete nonsense)


A blurry picture of a space donut that happened millennia ago doesn’t prove the existence of another dimension. It just proves… well, that black holes could be real… maybe (don’t want to get into that because mathematical physics it’s a messy business, fueled by media opportunists, prestigious universities and creationists disguised as scientists whose gods are Einstein and Hawking, who shall never be wrong).

Anyway, I don’t think it affects magick at all, because the universe is still the same. Black holes don’t prove scientifically that other dimensions exist. And the existence of black holes has been detected several times (or so they say), so nothing actually changed, except that now they have a more direct picture. The only thing that probable changed for real, is, maybe, the number of zeroes on some scientists paychecks.

Sorry about the rant.


Im eather a scientist man o woman , but normaly more things enter into that more bigger its will be, its just a curiosity and its also 26,000 years light from earth and on the constilation virgo… and between that traject there ares a lot of asteroide,planet and another stuff, just want to know if its going to influence with magick cause i work with planets energy also…


Just for curiosity where the stuff go that enter in black hole? I think so that its end some where & if Its not influence to magick ok :ok_hand: thats what i want to know…


This may imply that black holes and white holes are the same object.


I was took it black holes take in energy and white holes spit the energy out. The universe way of breathing?


Nobody knows for sure, and will never probably know. We can only theorize about it.

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Intresting… point of view but i think my opinion there’s a dimension about them. And where we are its one galaxy and the universe got more then one so maybe its his form of breathing.

Dimensions, frequencies… doesn’t matter because we are living in a mental simulation, anyway :wink:


No. We live in a Word and/or a Song.

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No, we’re living on a dream. By Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.


Yes, maybe we do.

Anyway, as Jim Carrey once said, we are just clusters of tetrahedrons. Nobody understood of course, but he’s not crazy at all.

You should take a look into this:



We are a song that came into being.

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Interesting coincidence- black holes are considered infinitely dense points of matter- big bang theory tells us that our universe was on it’s beginning the infinitely dense point of… something.

Black holes are created in massive stars explosion- our cosmos born in biggest “explosion” ever.

And black holes “eat” matter and light that will fall into them- on the smallest quantum level of our universe there is quantum foam- a “thing” that constantly creates and annihilates particles and anti-particles.
I have a crazy idea we live in a black hole. :man_astronaut:


@Seraph so maybe we will go to another dimension if the black hole were absorbe us :slight_smile:

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If the magick entites act from another dimension,with we are working, what if the black hole absorbe the dimension where they are?

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The creation of black holes confirm theories that our universe might not be 4 dimensional and that other dimensions exist, perhaps not a demonic portal however. There are several threads on black holes on this site, check out this link: