Black eyed children

Is the black eyed children theory real? What do you think they are? Spirits? Aliens?

never seen one and have no reason to believe they are real- but I definetly do. What are they. Right now for me they are everything from egregoric entities, to full grown fully matured Spiritual “Alien” beings.
What would be interesting to me is being able to listen to someone who ‘fell into their trap’ as it were, managed to escape and had a tale to tell.
I would volenteer- but had enough asskickings for this bio-cycle.
Cannot imagine they are not able to be conjured or evoked- look foreward to someone going for it. maybe S.Ben Qayin should do it, he looks like he could hang out with them, delivered a sufficient spanking if needed and then come back to fill us in. i would say go for it EA, but- he is busy enough producing things I wanna send him money in exchange for.

thats all I got.

If they exist. That’d be scary as shit

I have seen black eyed children in dreams not sure if that counts lol

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Probably not. If you fear them enough, you may dream about them. I’ve already had a bad dream about grays once. I think they might be lower level devils or angels that are intergalactic. I honestly don’t know tbe difference between devils or angels. I only know that that they’re interdimensional and that they’re watching us is what one spirit told me.

Real greys aren’t demons or angels, these are entities I’ve interacted with and theyre a different sort of thing altogether.

Someone here had a dream about me standing next to a little boy with pitch black eyes that looked like Damien off the Omen. He said the little boy was protecting me and when he tried to come closer to talk to me, the little boy lunged at him and tried to keep him away from me and we were in a sewer tunnel with symbols painted all over the walls in blood, very strange.

All I know from what I read is that they seem to be some kind of interdimensional vampire that just radiate fear and dread. Similar to that of the Black Hat Man. They usually come without expectation when you’re alone and seek permission to enter your residence. I don’t know if I would invite one in. I am interested in meeting one though.

Now I know about the black hat man. Very interesting.

I had a short dream about them last night. I did not have a pleasant feeling.

Yeah they’re terrifying

You make a good point, to become scarier than the scary things that may come after you. And also, holier than the holy things, and that’s another topic probably. :slight_smile:

I think they work for some of the demonic gods. I don’t know which ones ofcourse. I know they must have hierarchies. Who better than them?

Black-eyed kids happens when some demons materialize.In fact,I’ve seen my eyes become very black when under possession.Not full blown,like in the story,but just not being able to notice my irises,because they blend into the black part.Best not delve into details,as I sound like a loony already,but there is a very real demonic nature to it.

But I believe the same is present with greys(I haven’t met any greys so I really can’t say),in a variety of other lifeforms.I’ve seen quite a few theories,but they creep me out too much for me to look deeper into what the hell they are,since I can’t stand even looking at a picture.Bizarre since seeing a spirit materialize like that in person,or the demonically possessed people in Supernatural is no big deal.

But they do seem to display very spirit-like qualities,IMO.Like the fact that the guy had to invite them into his car,and they could not enter without it.People tend to associate that with vampires,but I know quite a few other spirits who prefer to come only with invitation.

So what did the guy encounter?He may have been hallucinating,it may have been fake,or a wandering spirit may have done it just to spook him.

Or there really may be black-eyed kids who are some totally different deal and have some mysterious agenda.The only black-eyed kids I encounter is me,and the demons that choose to materialize as such.


I didn’t fear them… an the dreams I had of them were more like a maternal affection for them… I enjoyed it.

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The next time I go to the badlands I’m going to try summoning the black eyed children since their seen a lot in that area. I would have gone through there if I was going to do the oregon bigfoot hunt this year, but I’m actually kind of leaning towards doing the new york one instead, so if I do that the black eyed children will have to wait.

I didn’t fear them… an the dreams I had of them were more like a maternal affection for them… I enjoyed it.[/quote]

Sorry. I forget to add that if you think about it too much you may dream about it as well.
Even so it still probably didn’t count as anything. I think you’d probably know if it did.

I was thinking the same thing as Jimmy, that thinking about it or reading this thread is probably why you had that dream. But why are most people terrified of them? I don’t get that impression that they are something to be feared, probably just something very dark or demonic in nature, not afraid to show its true form thru the eyes instead of the body structure. As others have stated, I swear I’ve seen my own eyes borderline black a time or two, other people have mentioned seeing my eyes turn almost orange before.

I actually find the idea of black eyed children very comforting because it’s so completely abnormal from the children we’re trained to believe are normal that it’s kind of beautifully dark in its own way.

mounths ago,i was in a very different dream in a building,there were 4 shadows in the room staring at me and i remember that i saved a kid like this…not 1 but 3
sometimes,there’s a certain female spirit that visit me,short black hair,porcelain skin,big eyes…
i saw her a couple of times but i dont know who is her,but i started to see her when i saved this childrens

in the end of the dream i found his home,in a castle/palace,and i gave him to her father/mother,they gave me gold and something to drink,well and i wook up with the headache…
think they gave me food also,dont remember…
the place were scary lol…kind like of the scenario of HEXEN…that old game…

is there a specif meaning when u dream saving kids like this?
well i felt happy for help them,but was difficult.

the kids were nice

They are very spirit like but robotic and weird. They speak in very repetitive monotone voices and smell like a rotten corpse. There are also reports of black eyed adults as well. Some claim that footage caught on security cameras at the time of the incident show only glitches or missing time in the video.

I don’t know…still interesting.