Black Diamond 💎

If the black diamond is the highest goal of the magician. What happens after they obtain it?

Whats next on the to do list? How do they utilize it to the fullest?
Where do they go from there?

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What is it?

Diamond Ebony?

Basically from my understanding it is or similar to the philosophers stone but made by the infernal.


I admit I have no info on this, I just posed a guess at the next logical evolution through materials.

I’m just wondering what one would do if they had this in their possession?


physical philosopher’s stone?

Physical and astral

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That is a very good question. When I get home, I am going to add it to my list of things to research, lol


I guess it depends on what the magician wants to do with it.They can buy a bunch of cheap metal and turn it into gold and silver to get rich.
Or they can just use it to gain even more power

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I think this would lean more towards elixir of life. Though I won’t rule the gold and silver out. It might connect to the treasure room.



Who knows with the black diamond your manifestation powers could be literally ‘pull precious metals out of thin air’ materializing them from the astral :stuck_out_tongue: or something.

Its interesting to think about the concept of the ‘highest goal’ because it has a sort of finality to it. I think it would be sort of like being financially able to retire at 35. You have a few million and are living comfortably, now what? You’ve reached your goal, the highest goal, but then what? All your friends and coworkers still have to work, and you suddenly have all this free time? Would you travel? What would you do to stave off being bored and the disconnectedness you’d feel from your line of work?

I think the Black Diamond might also be a challenge: to remember your purpose and who you are in the face of the ‘greatest highest achievement of the black magician’. Achieving the Black Diamond doesnt mean shit if you dont/cant/wont/dont know how to use it or even care to apply it.

What are you working towards? What are your goals? And if you had the black diamond would they change? How would they change? What challenges would arise from attaining this so called ‘highest goal’. I think, forgive my limited knowledge of the tarot, but it would be kind of like the Death card. There would be new challenges for every one overcome, and entities from far and wide would recognize you, for good or ill. Other adepts may envy the diamond you possess and seek to ruin it for you.

It just brings a lot to mind, if you think about it xD or maybe Im letting my fantasy get the best of me here haha The Black Diamond is far off for me, so its not something I have to worry about right now :stuck_out_tongue: fun to think about though.


I would assume they are more stones out there?


For once I agree.

The sky’s the limit, and the sky is limitless. Always reach higher.