Black Candles, Music, and Lilith

A path of self discovery led me to God, and yet, back to Lilith coincidentally. After going through a tough series of events, My mind is stronger. What I am concerned about now is the ability of crafting music, and implementing proper magick work to it so that it may go to the desired entity. I have a really nice black candle I plan on using for my Matron Lilith, but I don’t know much about transferring Magick to Music. I was planning on making her my beacon and allow her to bring me great abundance. How do I make serious contact with her? I plan on walking outside and going to a wooded area with my candle and make something while I’m out there simply because I feel I should. Is doing something like this acceptable to her?

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Please visit the tutorials area and read the simple evocarion ritual. Just like the advice in your last post, you need a way to communicate with her, if that’s your goal.

If you feel the walk is what you should be doing, then roll with that. She may be prompting it.


Ive already evoked her, im talking about worship and one on one communication, for guidance, not simple ritual things. She tells me to go the extra mile all the time, but I get confused and fearful because she’s strange. She had me make a bunch of sample songs until I made one she liked, and now im just lost in the sauce because this type of thing is beyond me at times.