Black candle banishment

I’m considering taking a black candle, carving in to it (parasites in and around me) and then covering it in salt, black pepper, hot foot powder and calamus to burn and destroy the fu** out of whatever entity is messing with me or my work.

I don’t see why it won’t work.

I’m also gonna burn frankincense and dragons blood and fumigate bomb the fuck out of my house and sprinkle black salt at the entry points of my home including window and door ways.

What do you guys think of this.

Why not try it out first? By telling us your experience with it, we will then have something to actually discuss.


You right. I got the frankincense resin fumigation idea off a hoodoo lady I follow on YouTube. The dragons blood addition was my idea… I’ll give it a go.

The black salt lines across entrances seem good. Perhaps spraying the four corners of the door with salt water after I’ve said this over it 9 times

Ashtu Malku Tadat Arkata, Sastus Seckz Altamu Partu, Iretempal Krez Ta Felta Vaskalla Regent. Met Senturus, Ta Sastrus Esto Melta, Kelta, Kelta, Kelta, Hine”

By @C.Kendall

That’s not by Connor, it’s by E.A. Koetting, as Connor himself said when he quoted it:

You might want the get the original book for the context rather than using incarnations blind. You 're using random shit from anywhere and you don’t even know which author it comes from now.

You’ve already brought a mess of energy into your life, and you’re just brining yet more different energies from different currents and mixing it up even more. This incaution is causing problems and more of the same isn’t going to fix it. Slow down and think… At least try to understand the background and context of the new energies before you do that.

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”


Maybe you should just stick to something simple like the LBRP and some sage smudging.

This book is cheap and has a banishing ritual and a master protection ritual. As well as sigils and rituals to get rid of parasites. It’s $7 with the Kindle app (the app is free).

Magickal Protection: Defend Against Curses, Gossip, Bullies, Thieves, Demonic Forces, Violence, Threats and Psychic Attack (The Gallery of Magick)

Here’s the LBRP:


I wonder… If someone is sabotaging their own work, let’s call it “cursing” their own work,

and then they do magick to curse the curser

do they curse themselves? Or is the problem fixed?

!!!Super interested in an update on this!!! Please let us know how it goes (on this thread, please)! I want to know if your space and workings get clearer or if things get worse. Seriously, I’m really interested in knowing which happens. This is a great case study and something amazing to learn from/about.

I think no matter how it ends up (assuming it does something substantial) there’ll be something really cool to discuss!

Salt black pepper and hot foot powder is for saturnian workings headed against living people and it has no interesting power against the spiritual beings. Against spirits try exorcised and blessed water, charged talismans to protect a place, mojo bags… Learn to do some, you need a balcony, terasse or garden cause if you grow your own plants they are way more powerful.

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if you can also bathe yourself in a lot of Epsom sea salt and wash your floors/door and yourself with rosemary water, this removes negative energy very actively

I was going to suggest the Magickal Protection book too! Simple and effective, but you gotta be consistent because the main ritual takes a month when you do it for the first time.