Black Brujo of the Wastes

Greetings all and sundry, you may call me Remy, or Nadir, or VITRIOL, or what-so-ever else you please. I am relatively new to practicing magick, black, white, grey, or otherwise though I have been studying the occult for quite some time. As far as which specific path I follow, I have none. I am an electric witch (I dislike using the term “warlock” for a male practitioner of witchcraft. Witch or brujo will do) and weave a multitude of traditions into my spiritual practices.If I had to come up with a title for the type of witch I am, I’d say “post-modern” or “chimerical” suits me best as I practice a hybridized tradition of my own making. I do not belong to a coven and all of my practices are solitary. I have read and studied some of the “classic” works on black magick, satanism, and the LHP from such authors as Anton LaVey, Michael Ford, and Aleister Crowley as well as works on general magickal principles and practices such as the Kybalion. I also follow quite a few figures from the LHP on social media such as E.A. Koetting, Black Witch Coven, Satan and Suns, Indigo Priestess, Secret of the Gods, Michael Ford, and Travis Magus among many others. What have I actually practiced? I have tried my hand at evoking daemonic spirits featured in the Goetia, practiced some rituals and invocations from several of Michael Ford’s books on Luciferianism and Satanism, and I keep an altar to Santa Muerte, the Holy Death. I have physically been touched by either a succubus or mother Lilith herself and believe my flat is currently being haunted by the Goetic spirit Sitri. I have been doing some kundalini yoga and doing some exercises designed to open my third-eye chakra. I am saying none of this to brag, I simply believe it may be helpful to others to know where I stand in my personal spiritual practice. Why am I on this forum? Because I find that folks like us on the LHP are a somewhat rare breed and I find it refreshing to be among like-minded individuals. I come from an area of the US that is both in the Bible-belt and highly Catholic and there are few like me in and around my hometown. Also, any advice from those more experienced than I is greatly appreciated. In summation, I hope to connect to with some kindred spirits, learn what I can, and I truly hope that I may somehow assist others traveling along their own unique occult paths. Deepest blessings to everyone here.

Tenebris Dominus Nadir


Welcome to BALG.

Oh weird, that term came to me a few hours ago without any context :smiley:
Anyway, welcome!

Thank you, Oddnan! Glad to be here! Have you researched the term in depth? It is quite inspiring stuff.

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I know what it means but it just crossed my mind from out of nowhere without reason several times today :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for

Thank you, I hope I do too.

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Thank you, iawclerk!

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Written like that, in all caps, seems really familiar. I can’t think why though.

Nice to meet you so to speak.

Nice to metaphorically meet you too, Sunchilde lol! V.I.T.R.I.O.L. written like that represents the phrase “Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem” which translates to “Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (purifying) you will find the hidden stone”. It is closely related to the phrase “as above, so below.” The stone mentioned is the philosopher’s stone which is metaphorical of the human soul. We LHP folks recognize that only by reaching through the darkness withinn can one grasp the light.


Welcome to BALG!

Thank you, Ophelia! Nice to be here!

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