Black Book of Azathoth

Fellow practitioners who have gotten the book, course or trinity of triangles (or who are considering getting them)… What are your impressions and thoughts so far? Successes?

Thought it needed it’s own thread, as other courses and books have theirs.

Have you gotten the suggested tool list, or modified it?

I received my package last week… And love it so far… :slight_smile: Hoping others are willing to share as well.

My first impression when I laid out the Trinity of Triangles:

Energy pulsing just below the surface, like water… warm and cold… Both comforting and terrifying at the primal forces lurking just on the edge of perception…a sense of being scruitinised as if something unfathomable turns it’s head to indulge you for a time…yet utterly uninterested in mundane things…but will use those things to advance a larger agenda… A feel of being on the edge of a deep pool…endless watery depths…and what is there can pull you in and drown you in your own chaos if you let it…or else rise from the depths to teach those willing to face all that they are…and all we are…a sense of energy spilling from that realm…the “In Between”… Subtly effecting change…and sometimes not so subtly… Embracing the unknown…excited and knowing it’s for one’s own ascent and evolution…

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Hey Darsinda I got the book and i love it. I think maybe the only thing you may be able to get away with substituting is the altar. However in his demo video’s SBQ didnt use any of it except the triangles. so there i am slightly confused. But i am working on building the tool list as well as making my own trinity of triangles mat bc i dont have the funds to buy it right this moment. I think it was very written. I cannot wait to start working with it. I just need to read the codexes in the back yet haha i got addicted to it last weekend when i got it and couldnt put it down