Black Book Of Azathoth

Anyone have a line on a copy of The Black Book Of Azathoth? Or better yet, one for sale? Im not looking to pay my left nut for this one, but I DO want it for my Lovecraft-related collection.


Apparently, it’s a hard book to come by. Someone else came here looking for a copy a bit a go as well. The only thing I can suggest is trying ebay or a third party book seller like

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All duds. Abe books doesnt have any line on it not linked to Ebay and I’ll be damned if I am going to pay US$500 for a 4 year old book that sold for $80…


But if you find yourself in financial bad straights because of whatever, feel free to reach out to your friendly neighborhood Woodsman with a reasonable offer. The ones selling for 500 bucks…dont sell, lol. Just look at the Ebay listing history. Some douche in Australia sells BALG books for x10 value…and good on him if he can do it…but I have seen no evidence that is happening :no_good_man:


Yeah, on ebay there are two sellers from Austrailia, and one is priced at $934 Cdn and the other is at $3400 Cdn :flushed:

I’ve learned not to sell my BALG releases regardless of circumstances. I made the mistake of selling my first edition of Baneful Magick and second edition of Works of Darkness to a member of this forum years ago and I regret it.

Have you thought to sigilize for a copy?

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I know right! is crazy the prices he makes

" 33% off! "
“Was $9,999.99”
"now only $6,666.66!! (hihi spooky :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) "

Wow, thank you for this awesome deal. :relieved: :pray:



Of course. This is one of several mundane actions to support the work. Why not ask directly amongst those that might have it? I have no doubt I will find someone who is in greater need of the money than the intrinsic value they can get from the book :wink: Given the world at large, necessity WILL find me my strange bedfellow.


I figured you would have, but just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

Manifestation achieved; I have my book inbound :slight_smile:

Feel free to lock this thread up.


Nicely done. Where did you find it?