Black Book of Azathoth Results

I’m curious what kind of results have people achieved in working this. I know its a pathworking but I don’t know what that means exactly? Other than having an interest or feeling a call in it what are the benefits? Seems like a neat current but considering the costs for everything what kind of returns have people gotten for that investment. Please do not embellish if you cant tell I am a very pragmatic person.


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I believe it is most of all a path of knowledge which can drive you insane if you aren’t prepared to deal with the insignificance of humanity, as well as how easily people are controlled and deceived.
I only recently stumbled upon Lovecraft but have watched most of his movies and I am studying some of his works now.
The entity I work with has advised me not to approach any of these beings unless he is guiding the connection and stands between it.

Lovecraft was most probably from one of the families who has access to the books and information of how the universe is built and who is in charge. IMO this made him depressed (and obsessed) and he was channeling his knowledge in his books.
I might talk a lot of nonsense here but from what I see, Azathoth is one-eyed and probably summoned by the Illuminati Cults - also significant in Ancient Egyptian Magick.
Lovecraft’s Universe is definitely one Reality a magician can connect to although I do not believe it is the only dimension or reality and if you get sucked in too much as human being, you could be in danger.

I apologise, if my knowledge is limited here and I might be talking nonsense, it is only what I have understood so far (and it could be nothing at all).
I have been given permission to use Cthulhu for Psychic Attack Visualisations and he doesn’t seem to want offerings - he is rather despiteful towards humans.
He had this strange:" Oh if you humans only knew" haughty, not-wanting to deal with human nonsense attitude.
These beings seem only want to deal with manipulation on a massive scale or could get pissed off at you and then they want large amounts of human energy which as one person alone you cannot provide.
I can imagine one would summon them to create a crisis like Covid-19 or offer human sacrifices to create a political system of some sort. Just some ideas here.

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I’d love to learn more though a bit lost at the moment. Big Lovecraft fan and from what I read Arachne has some significance in this current so will be following this one :green_heart:

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