Black and White Dilemma

I want to use dark spirits and have them around me as allies because I feel comfortable with the darkness but at the same time I want to do the LBRP and other white magickal rituals for healing and happiness. If I do let’s say the LBRP (it’s been a few years since I’ve done it) then will it chase away dark spirits that I’ve been trying to work with?

Probably not.Usually,dismissing the demons(who are the most popular dark spirits) would get them out,but energy would linger,and other entities may be attracted,hence poltergeist activity.The LBRP would do that,while dismissing rhe demon would send him away.

So,yes it would but the demons will by no means hate you if you’re using the LBRP.They love me.

If you’re really worried,you can specify during the ritual that you’re banishing any unwelcome spirits(thus bringing the demons there because they ARE welcome),or even more interestingly,replace Raphael,Gabriel,Michael,and Uriel,with Azazel,Abbadon,Amaymon,and Belial.Yes in that order.