Black Alchemy – The Essential Practical Guide

There is an essential part of Black Alchemy based on Adam Valentins book. To avoid the pitfalls of Black Magick (which can even cost us our lives), we need to develop a sense of self-control over our magickial actions (whether it is sin or not) and move towards to more noble directions in the long term.

Every experienced black magickian knows that he can not dare to dream of a long life without striving for higher realms. For some, it is the so-called death zone, for some to get out of the contract/pact, for some it is the weight of the conflicts that motivate him to move towards to the spheres of light.

Here are some practices of Black Alchemy which will help to move us in the right direction in our magickial carrier.

1.) During the day you should reach a calm, conscious state of mind as many times as possible. Return to this state of consciousness regularly.

2.) Regular focusing on our posture in everyday life and slowing down our movements and breathing can help strengthen our conscious state. If you feel that something is very wrong these days and you have no control over your life, then sometimes stop, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths carefully.

3.) It is important that in order to maintain our self-control, we need to know what negative magickial actions we tend to do and in what situation. You can also think along with your daytime routine, the point is to prevent unwanted sins in advance.

For example, when I go among people, I tend to manipulate along my individual interests. There will be a pub event with friends tonight, I will discipline myself in advance so that I will be able to be independent of the outcome of the party, the development of the conversation. The next day, when I grab my coat, I decide in advance that now, exceptionally, when I go out on the street, I will not read other peoples thoughts out of curiosity. I’m not going to be distrustful of the shopkeeper in relation to the return and I will not try to find out what he thinks of me or if he is lying. I know I will have an appointment at 4 in the afternoon and if I get offended by someone I will not impulsively take vengeance for it.

Thinking ahead is a key to overcome our harmful habits in the field of Magick.

4.) If I were to commit a sin out of a sudden upset, I would take out the good old “count from one to three” rule. It might be easier for me to change my mind instead of causing innecessary damage. It can also come in handy in conflicts with black magickians.

5.) In my negative magickial actions I do not allow my tempers to take over me. After a while, I need to make myself aware of the emotions that flow through me doing my typical actions. If I discover excessive emotional fervor in myself, I need to think about where it comes from. Maybe a childish perception of Black Magick itself?

6.) Initially, by focusing regularly on my physical body and then learning to control my inner body, I can take back from the emotional charges behind my sins (for more, see Adam Valentin’s book Black Alchemy). In my free time, I can analyze the cause, perceptual or experiential root of emotions tied to my actions. Even in negative actions, a magickian can be relatively calm, almost neutral. Even if this action is tied to a role in some people (child black magickian - according to the terminology of A.V.).

7.) Even if at first the black magickian childishly believes that he can do anything with anyone from today and it will not cause troubles for him, after a while it is important to start developing a sense of responsibility for the sins he commits. For this topic it is a good practice to sit down a bit at the end of the day and face the sins committed today. We can take specific people as examples and cases - and since I now have time for it - I can reflect on the weight of my sin and, in this regard, my responsibility, that I actually did it to another living, real person.

8.) Is there a type of crime that I commit regularly or only one occasion? The goal would be to achieve a degree of awareness that I can make myself think day to day of a particular action that I have done it this time and not necessarily do it again. Think, do, stop, think again.

9.) If an act is already conscious and controlled consciously by me, I can plan in the long run when I will give up this type of sin. In connection with our worst magickial deeds, there must come a day when I will have the strength to decide that I will not do this again from this day on. With a thorough self-analysis or work with sacred geometry, we can judge at every type of sin that now is the time to decide that I will never be willing to do it with anyone anymore again and I will stick to my decision.

It is important that we do not start a new type of negative action unless we have a somekind of contract/pact or other reason that can not be prevented. We never let new techniques, promisingly pictured power selled by demons, or easier paths seduce us from the right path. Once we are determined to strive upwards, we should never fall in the trap to loosen up too much, or it can cost the black magickians life.

10.) On a blank piece of sheet, I write down my typical magickial actions (both negative and positive) and add ethical guidelines for myself. This doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, it’s enough to think about what would be a healthy limit for me in this category right now. It is important that we plan this in a realistic, feasible way. Write this down, try to follow it in practice, and then update it about every six months. In addition to the ethical principles, clarify how much do you tend to cross the free will of others, and then regularly move forwards to the better of yourself in this area as well.

If you don’t understand the word ethics, you can also think of it (as a kind of analogy) as being more polite in the field of what you do to other people with magick. A little more thoughtful, more careful, slower, more conscious.

Try not to forget any category, mind reading, curses, minor or major manipulations, or the way you treat your initiates. The more topics I can write myself some ethical guidelines, the better.

Awareness is the solid foundation for the successful implementation of these steps. If you get stuck on any of these steps, or feel like you can’t do it yet, feel free to jump back to point 1.) and practice it again.


Has anyone put this in practice? This or the original one from Adam Valentins book? Or something similar?