Black Alchemy Klippoth Intrusion Ritual

Day one of this ritual. Letting the black alchemy transform me, and calling the forces of the nightside to Pierce this world and liberate our Godselves.

Any one else doing this work?


I’m. I started doing the ritual each Sunday morning starting with the sphere of Naamah.

She prompted me to start applying myself with full evocation of spirits, but I had to quit for the moment since the alchemy was too intense for me at the moment.

I will re-start with this projects again for now

Glad that you are improving mankind with your actions


Do you work your way up the spheres? I am going to work with Namaah for a week or two before moving on.

Still new to this work, so taking it slow. Did you move through the spheres to Thaumiel?

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No. Stayed on Naamah.

I read the description about Naamah and that I needed to practice evocation in that stage.

I will stay in Naamah until I do a succesfull full evocation unless my intuition says otherwise.


Following that same protocol! Created an outdoor Kliffotic Intrusion point via circle and triangle today. Potent working. I love this Grimoire!!!

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Yes sir indeed I am! I had an idea and I actually brought it to kurtis Joseph to see if it would be valid still if I made a permanent, and portable one from red and black bedsheets… I’m about to consecrate them now, I actually am now working with amayymon on the second compendium… Expensive knowledge, but I would have it any other way lol…


Kick Ass idea Rory! Only at the beginning of this work, but holy hell it is so powerful and full of guidance.

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Also, there seems to be something quite powerful in etching the black earth with the triangle and circle. I eventually want to create pockets of intrusion (portals) all over.

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Wive been carving and tagging the supercharged sigils in public so they are af
Fecting mass areas and consciousness… So dope I love ve kurtis Joseph’s work… Dope dude as well

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My kinda Magick. We all expand and Ascend together.

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Which book are these workings in ?

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I do. I am going past Namaah at this stage and moving on to Lillith.


Grimoire of Belial

Must you make the infernal pact or is it something that can be done without it?

What are you hoping to accomplish by liberating your godself?

Name of book please