Black alchemy Infused In Food

Hello! @Single_Seed_In_Hell has persuaded me to post a tutorial for a technique Belial taught me and I have experimented with for over 6 years now.

For this to work you need to have a good grasp on how the Black Alchemy of Belial operates and manifests itself in both your body and someone elses.

If you do understand the process, let me explain the infusion with food.

Food is very easy to work with if you understand what you are doing. Even expensive ingredients like swordfish, truffles, saffron, etc can be used by a beginner cook once they know how the ingredients work together. Same goes for alchemy.

For Belial’s black alchemy you have 2 seeds. One that grows tall, and one that grows it’s roots deep into the earth. Godly and devilish. These 2 seeds have different properties, and some overlap. Once you know what these properties are, you can use them like ingredients to manifest change in yourself, other’s, or the situations involving yourself and others.

You can incorporate black alchemy, or any type of alchemy, into food and drinks just by willing it so. Similar to simple spellcasting, you imagine the black alchemy flowing into your dish or other’s dishes.

You also have to will certain alchemical processes to take place.

Sure, it’s easier to simply will the processes directly into the target but you’re forgetting about the nutritional value of different foods. As a byproduct or as a result of willing it to happen, the body can either get more nutritional value from the food or less, as well as initiating the effect you originally wanted it to have.

This is a simple crab alfredo dish I had at a restaurant here where I live. I was having a rough time with acne and I felt I was below subpar as far as looks go. So before I dug in I willed the desire to be handsome into it.

On top of it being better than the last time I had it, the next day my acne completely disappeared. On top of that the girls I work with complimented me on how much more handsome I looked. Hell, a girl even asked me out. Best of all, I lost 3 pounds in 4 days from just the normal exercises i’ve been doing. Doesn’t sound like much but it felt good to be under 220 for once lol.

So it’s rather simple if you know what you’re doing. This doesn’t have to be black alchemy as I mentioned. You can use whatever alchemical process you want. Black alchemy just works best for me.


Nice work dude! Its one of Franz Bardons core exercises as well and works wonders


I’m going to have to read some of his works! I got this solely from Belial so it’s interesting that this technique is being validated rather than making me sound like a loon :sweat_smile:


This looks absolutely delishious. Thanks for posting this. I will definitely be looking into applying your technique and infusing my food. Nice work!

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What a great idea Satalos my friend. Brilliant! I will implement this in my nutrition as I love cooking and feeding my family healthy . Thank you for this great insight brother

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of course! glad to help!

This is actually pretty normal for most weight loss stuff because sometimes your body loses or gains up to 5 pounds sporadically due to increased or decreased sodium intake, or measuring yourself when you have food or water weight in you.


yeah, I realize that now. At the time I was exhilarated because I wasn’t going up or down, so I finally got improvement.

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You probably still did. You made the intent weight loss, and you still got it. The intent needs to be for health, it covers more bases.

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Sorry. I don’t understand the process. could you explain again? thank you