Black Alchemy Codex (based on Adam Valentins work)

1.) Don’t do unnecessary harm.

2.) Never forget to progress in your life on the physical plane. Don’t base your goals and results strictly on manipulation, manifestation and shortcuts or your personal power will be depleted and personality disorders will appear in yourself.

Find your roots before you were a black magickian and build up your life on the physical plane from there from your own power.

3.) Based on Sacred Geometry calculate your progress with your pact for about 30 years and imagine your path to light on an even road.
Sidenote: longevity cannot be achieved being a black magickian. You must build a future vision for yourself for the long term.

Optionally you can make improvements in your personality based on how you treat other people in the physical plane.
It is all about becoming a better person.

4.) Never abandon the path of Alchemy and Real Magick and never forget to continue practising it.

5.) Regurarly recognise and gradually build down any overmistification and overgrown ego in yourself.

6.) In your daily life of conflicts with other magickians you should achieve that I can resolve these conflicts with peace and without overly aggression.
Try to see your odds and power relations clearly without an ego and take decisions in a clear headed way. Use the skills of conflict management (part of modern psychology) and bring your conflicts to the physical plane if possible.

7.) Try to relate to the other gender without too much manipulation. Make part of your self-realization taking steps to achieve more nobleness being your own gender (man or woman).
Don’t use large quantity of manipulation in your sex life. Make realistic goals in a more humble way and give time to yourself in case of results. Take necessary steps in your self improvement for better results instead of being impatient with manipulation, negativity and shortcuts.

8.) Try to conserve your sexual energy and not spoil it with underlying ways.
Get off drugs, steroids and self abusing habits. Get help if necessary. Take care of your STDs. Avoid perversions in porn and in daily life.
Don’t forget about hygiene.

9.) I gradually leave my childishness and immaturity out of how I view myself as a Magickian or Magick itself.

10.) After a while I start to use some ethical guidelines and start to take account of the free will of other people even as a black magickian so I will keep my power in control.
Even at micro manipulations and thougth reading.

11.) I regularly do Inner Child work – because I know that Black Magickian have more issues because of traumas and generating distraction for his/her psychological wellbeing.

12.) I take care of my mental health by being conscious, doing meditation and prescribed drugs by a doctor ( if needed) so my life doesn’t fall into pieces.


Nice info but who’s Adam Valentins ? couldn’t find him on google

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope.

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Really risky. Especially with a pact that ties you to darkness. Not mentioning the drugs, internal misery, depression that is typical with black magickians.

I’m on the side of creating a longterm vision for decades in advance.

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