Bizarre Experience

I just had the most disorienting experience. I was reading a random page from the Complete Works, something I have been doing lately when I have a cup of coffee.

Only this time when I looked up from the book I was in a different house, a house I’ve never been in or seen before. It was nothing out of the ordinary; a normal furnished house, lights on, but I didn’t see anyone there. Then the thought suddenly came to me that I was not in my own house and I immediately was back in my own house.

This did not have the feeling of mental wandering, soul travel, remote viewing, or any kind of out of body experience. I was distinctly physically in another house. I know of bilocation but it is not something I have ever done or experienced before.

The experience does not in any way feel unsettling. In fact, it feels rather banal after it happened, but I was just sitting there thinking what the fuck just happened.

Thought I would share the fun.

wait until you start bilocating to places without gravity or other astral realms. i’ve never bilocated physically, but i’ve zoned out and found myself in some strange iridescent goo. kinda like a plasma sea of astral winds. it’s the lack of gravity that gets me though.