Bitter life curse(have used it and very affective)

Ingredients:black candle
A picture or the targets full name
Bug juice(or fresh a deadbug)
Alcohol of any type
Spoiled milk
Grave yard dirt
Lemon juice
Rotten apple
A piece of paper
A pen with black ink
Rub the bug juice(or bug) over the candle then mix the other ingredients together then finish anointing the candle
light the candle Then chant azazels flame(nazt ferta ratah fernum Negrah) 12x before chanting the spell over the pitchure or written name then chant
You have wronged me greatly now you shall pay
Your life shall decay and grow better slowly every day
Your family will leave you and your loved ones too
You will be stuck in despair and dread not knowing what to do
Everything you do and say will go bad or fail
Your life will be so miserable you will already think ur in hell
Ur health and beauty shall fade and waste along with your luck and fate
You will already wish for death but it will already be too late
Lose your job, money, family, mate and everything you have
For you night and day in every way things always will go bad
The only hope to break up with the curse is plead for my forgiveness
Until that very moment your suffering will be never-ending
Now burn the photo or name on the paper in the candle flame after rubbing the annoiting on it. Now bury the remains in the ground late at night so the energy can consecrate into earth as well as the universe

Note… Will state what drove me to use this curse in next post


I can hear this being growled to Death Metal :metal:

Like this… :smile_cat:

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I’m going to keep this in mind, thank you

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Much love and blessings brother

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