Bit of a tongue in cheek topic - Are demons and gods really extraterrestrials? Why or why not?

So I noticed alot of people on here don’t like Zecharia Sitchin or Erich Von Däniken I guess either. Why do people dislike the notion that many of the ancient spirits that they work with might in fact be disembodied extraterrestrials from another planet or galaxy or some kind of transdimensional but very physical entities? This for example Jaye Davidson as Ra in Stargate (Part 1) - YouTube Even it was true would it change anything about the messages they preach or the knowledge they bestow? I mean I don’t know actually know one way or another personally but even if it was true it wouldn’t bother me that much. However I am curious about why it might really bother other people.


I won’t police You on what they should be. These people police You on what they could be. Which is also stupid.

Only two of my past lives were from Andromeda and Maldeks. Leave it at that. Let’s not make connotations between extraterrestrial beings and daemons and gods. They’re so apart from each other!!!

Fascinating! I would love to hear more about them! What makes you think they are separate beings and not one in the same? What separates one from the other at least to you?

How are you so sure of that?

In my experience they aren’t the same thing, but at the same time they can be, why? because while there are dragons in a spiritual sense there are also ET draconics.

While there are Gods, Gods also like the afforementioned aren’t limited to “spiritual” Gods in the sense that ETs could have Gods too.

Demons are a race of beings with various sub-races, ETs are a general label for beings outside of planet earth, demons are outside of this planet but also outside of this plane so in a way they can be seen as ETs, but not in the same sense as most humans go on about aliens from other planets and such, more aliens from other planes.

Some spiritual races simply cross into other categories, but dont exactly mean theyre the same thing or the same “makeup”

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I think there’s a deep programming to link spirits to a “God the creator”/an equal and even cooler adversarial-kind of being, in order to add the impression of it all being reputable and profound, instead of like giving ET a blowjob for a pack of cigarettes, which is what magick would amount to if they’re just ayys.

Like, “I am ascending through lust, to call upon the dark adversary to grant me abundance” is a lot better than “I totes wacked off in front of an alien so I could make $500.” :woman_shrugging:


$500 is $500 dollars at the end of the day. I see your point though.


You make it sound so grotesque lol. I don’t think you can compare magick and ritual to physical procreation. However that said many people offer Daemons and spirits food as a offerings or there own sexual fluids. That while I guess equivalent to prostitution or running restaurant is still not exactly equivalent. I mean does anyone know why certain spirits require blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or food as a matter of fact? Not as far I can tell. People offer those things and spirits accept them, why or how they receive them is not clear, but it works so people do it.


Hahaha! XD

:thinking: If only we could procreate a bunch of money instead of more people. Everyone would be a lot happier and there’d be no overpopulation issues they’d be too busy trying to spend it all.


Actually we’re not overpopulated, it’s more or so poor distribution and infrastructure, it’s cheaper to build places compact which gives the idea of overpopulation on top of the fact that resources are very badly distributed. So it’s really just poor distribution of resources and poor population distribution. (not part of the topic I know but thought to make that known)


Can you elaborate more on this?

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I think it could be the religious mindset (not necessarily a specific doctrine), when people identify with a specific worldview, even considering other views can feel very challenging, and that’s painful. The mind runs from that kind of pain.

Personally I think it’s some and some. I’m currently on a streak of asking entities in ritual if they’re ETs, the answers are very interesting, from yes, to no, to reactions with no confirmation either way. Interestingly, none have not known what I was talking about, and they all know where they stand.

There’s a point when the question is hard to answer because it depends how you define ‘ET’. Strictly, that just means “off-earth”… Is a being that’s not currently in any physical incarnation still an ET, or is a body that manifests in the physical some way a requirement? There are still multiple levels of manifestation.

At the moment, I tend to of think the latter, the energy-body only entities, as ‘deity level’ entities and thoughtforms that are not bound to a specific civilization. I think there are entities that have never incarnated. I also think there are entities that only incarnate bits of themselves, and entities that have energy bodies bound to a planet or civilisations, like the Terran fae (I think not all civilisations exist only on planets)… it can get quite complicated.

Re Sitchin, I appreciate his efforts, I do think his method could have been cleaner - you have the usual problem with UPG which is that as he was channeling his conscious mind inserted itself to try to identify the downloads, which pretty much always goes awry, and that’s where he starts to mismatch with other channels. I think the underlying descriptions if not his concluding definitions, are good. So I’m not throwing out the baby with the bathwater there. I listen to all the channelers and look for the underlying continuum of descriptors that match my own inner knowing.

I’m finding Farsight very interesting, and MJ12 (which you might know, cites Stargate SG1 as a form of disclosure, fiction mixed with reality), but I like Farsight because they get the most agreement with my own sense of things to date, and are able to flesh out my intuition with a lot more information worth considering. They are not in disagreement with Sitchin, they don’t talk about his work in comparison with their viewing, but there’s parallels in their independent findings, which add weight to both.


Alien meaning something not native to a particular land, in this case earth.

Every being we experience via psychic experiences or the likes are not of earth in my own cases I’ve experience reptilians, Greys, draconics (both “spiritual” and “ET”) and various other angels, demons, Gods, and so forth.

They’re all alien by definition, but the thing in my experiences however is I’ve only exprienced angels, demons, and such etherically, whereas my experience with Greys, Draconics, Arcturians (some of my guides are various ET races) both through physical projection and etheric/spiritual projection.

Many like to believe all ET races are advanced all knowing beings outside of time and space (for some reason) but small greys are said to be primitive, so it’s safe to assume there’s more like them.

They may have a belief in Gods that are either the same as our own or different.

So spiritual beings can be considered aliens but not always in the same sense as we consider ETs aliens (from other planets) whereas they are aliens from another plane of existence.

So maybe transdimensional entities would be a more appropriate term or non human transdimensionals?

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In my opinion yes, they would fit under that label as sometimes there’s not a clear line for some beings and they simply exist in both or various places, but also if ETs die and such like we do it can also explain some things in terms of the spiritual aspect of it.

I would love to hear more about this if you don’t mind. So all these guys are very much real and not just some new age UFO conspiracy?

Have you any experience with nature spirits or fae? Id be interested if you have and still hold the belief that they are all not of earth.

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Most UFO new age conspiracies try to recreate a religious idea around them things like evil demiurge greys/reptilians vs the all loving and good guy Pleiadians.

For my own experiences it’s more grey (no pun intended lol) so I believe it’s real but speaking from a purely objective point of view it’s only speculation which favors reality of their existence if we put in the instance that earth can’t be the only inhabited planet in space.

Yes I believe they are not from earth, Fae and nature spirits to me are etheric beings who came here like demons and any other entities come here, nature doesn’t only exist here and going off that they could of very well existed long before earth was a thought or formed.

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